Monday, April 11, 2016

Washington Court House #3

Hello Family,

It is good to hear from you as always and to hear about what is happening back there. Its cool that Emma is going to attend at BYU-I and that she has a car of her own now to go in. What type of car is it? Also good to hear that you are all working hard and that you seem to all be doing well as far as I can tell. My week has been an adventure an I will tell you why.

So I want so very hard to work and to thrust in my sickle and reap because I feel that this area has a lot of potential. I however have been unable due to the lack of effort on on of my companions which has been really yanking my chain and is pushing my buttons. But finally one of my companions is tired of being lazy as well and we are going to working and just dragging the third wheel along. We will see how it all works out in the end. I am learning things though and that is how not to act as a missionary any optimism is a great and important thing. I am also glad that I have some sort of direction in my life that gives me a greater purpose and motivation. For that I thank you for being my parents and for aiding and giving me the work ethic that I have. I love you so much.

Now onto a happy subject because I am happy and you should be to. My apartment does have a working washer and dryer in the apartment. My apartment is a one floor 2 bed one bath apartment that is very nice and has cleaned up very nicely. The Branch is full of a bunch of good caring people and they love to work with the missionaries by giving us a lot of service.

I'm not going to lie I had a hard timefocusing this last general conference but I really enjoyed President Monson's talk and I liked how he said that we need to choose the harder right way then the easy wrong way. I thought it went well with one of my favorite scriptures 3 Nephi 27: 33. But I have enjoyed going through and reading the talks as I listen to the audio recordings. 

I would worry about this box and bed bugs but if you are worried just open it out side and take the cloths and dry the on high for 20 minutes. Then just throw the box away out side and all should be good. The bed bugs were good and dead when I left Bellefontaine.

Well I hope you all have a good day and that you stay safe. Love you all tons!


Elder Young

Monday, April 4, 2016

Washington Court House #2

Hello Family,

Sounds like you have had a great week and a lot fun times and memories. Glad that you could have a little family reunion and that Dallin is doing so well and kept you all very active. Best workout program ever, little kids. This week was good for me to and it has just flown by, which is a great thing. It also took the time to snow a couple of days ago which surprised us all, and frankly made me a little angry, its spring time dang it! Oh well weather in Ohio.

So I am starting to understand my new area little bit by little bit since it is very large and has several towns. So we drive a lot and will walk a lot since Elder Pytlakowski doesn't have a bike. Its funny because we have a large area but have few miles to cover it all. So we mainly stay in Washington Court House to save miles.

In our area we have so far mainly focused on working with members to rebuild good standing with them which has been lost from past missionaries and to also start to rebuild activity in the church. Also we have been doing work at service place that gives out cloths and also on certain days serves lunch to those who need it. It has been a lot of fun and we have already built a good reputation with them because we have been doing all the hard manual labor that the older ladies that work there cant do. So we are getting cookies on Tuesday at least thats what they all said. 

Been staying busy and have been enjoying my time with my new companions. We have come to a understanding and we are all striving to get along which isn't that hard since we are very similar. Love you all and hope you have a good week and that you don't go through Dallin withdraws. Think about you all the time.

Love Elder Young