Monday, November 21, 2016

Marion Ohio #5

Hello Family,

This week has just flown and I honestly can't tell you all that happened because I can remember. I am glad that your week seems to have gone well and that you are having a good time flipping eggs. We have had a couple of things happen this week one was that we had a Zone Conference which was my last one so I gave a departing testimony which was weird. I don't know I am now having a bunch of lasts, like this is my last full week on the mission. Got to stay focused though and I am. 

Tomorrow will be fun because I have my departing interview with President Daines and then I will lead my last district meeting and I am excited for that. We have a lot of plans to do finding this week because have no investigators at the moment. So I will be out in the cold all day everyday and I expect to see some blessings. Oh and we do have some where to go for Thanksgiving. I will be at Brother Thackers and it sounds like we will be eating on or with his fine silver. Last time I ate at his house we ate with silver plated silverware and had crystal glasses, the man is single and knows what he likes. I try and take pictures of what his house looks like on the inside.

Anyway all is well over here and I am working hard but I am slowing down but not by much. Elder Barra is a good companion and he is a energizer bunny. Have a good week and I will email you on Wednesday then I will talk to you on Friday.

Elder Young

Exchanges with Elder Cooley at the Taylor's house.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Marion Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This has been a great week and so much cool stuff happened! We went down to Chillicothe thanks to one of the Senior couples the Severson's. The baptism went great and I only had to dunk him once. What made it even cooler was that Mikes son came to support his dad. That truly was the highlight of the week for me because Mike had changed so much since I last saw him and he gave me his email finally.

Also this week was our stake Conference and our ward was assigned to go to the Mansfield building to watch the broadcast. That was cool because I got go see some old friends that I had made way back when. So that was really fun and made me think of all that happened in Mansfield.

So this week other than those events was really slow and we didn't have a whole lot happen and that was really hard. It crazy how hard it is to focus near the end but I am giving a good battle. One thing that helped was we found some speakers next to the dumpster that were practically brand new, and I didn't feel like it was there time. So we took them in and plugged them in and long behold they work really well. They are Magnavox speakers. 

Anyways that was my week and I am looking forward to week we have before us. Stay safe and keep going on.

Elder Young

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Marion Ohio #3

Hello Family,

This week was really fun and we are slowly getting some new investigators. Marion is an interesting place and is one of the bigger drug centers of Ohio. So many of the members live in the surrounding towns where the crime is slightly lower. So the ward boundaries are very big because it has only been a ward for a year and some. Elder Perry actually served in this area and wanted to come and dedicate the forming into a ward. Well that's what I heard a while back anyways who knows what's true these days. 

Anyway the cool spiritual things that happened this week is that we got our investigator Jamie Boarders to come to church. He seemed to enjoy it and actually knows some of the members because his mom was a member of the ward. So that was good and awesome because Elder Barra has never had an investigator come to church. Good progress! Also I learned that Mike Williamson is moving forward with Baptism and is on date for the 12 to be baptized. He also wants me to baptize him so I got permission to go do that from President Daines. So that will be cool.

That's all I have for you folks other than that I'm good and happy and very tired. I think I will sleep for a week. Hope you are all well and that you have good weather for pictures and all that. Keep up the Faith and keep moving forward.

Elder Young


Marion Ohio #2

Hello Family,

Sounds like we are all having crazy weeks that are just all over the place. This week was so fast and it has all blurred together into one day. The mission is getting me ready to come home because they gave me this thing called My Plan it is there way of making me  set goals for when I get home. Needless to say I don't like it. I am glad that all is well with you though and that you are all safe.

So this week we have been doing a lot of finding and have had a little success with that but not a lot. We have a few investigators that are progressing well for the most part. One of them is a couple that we found while looking for a former investigator and they are really cool so far. The big struggle right now is getting people to church because most of them don't have cars and most of the members don't live in Marion. Just the life of a missionary in Ohio.

Other than that all is going well and Elder Barra and I are getting along great! I have learned a few things about him. Like he did American folk dancing in High School and that took him and his group all over the world. So far he likes his trip to Poland the most. This is going to be a good end to my mission I can just tell.

One funny thing that happened last nigh was when we were at a members house for dinner. She told us about how they went to a party and her daughters went into a haunted woods thing and got scared really bad. What was really funny was how she described them runny out of the woods. She said they came running out of the woods like Slaves. I guess you can make references like that if your black. We then learned latter from there son that when a black man runs really fast they call that slave feet. I love the Wall family.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week and that you all stay safe. Thank you for the package you are sending me but I don't think I am going to vote this year because I honestly don't know whats going on and I would feel bad making an uneducated vote. Again love you all and I pray for you all the time.

Elder Young