Thursday, December 1, 2016

Last Email :)

Hello, well this was a good week and it flew by really fast. Nothing really to report but I will see you on Friday. Love you much.

Thanksgiving with the Thankers

Monday, November 21, 2016

Marion Ohio #5

Hello Family,

This week has just flown and I honestly can't tell you all that happened because I can remember. I am glad that your week seems to have gone well and that you are having a good time flipping eggs. We have had a couple of things happen this week one was that we had a Zone Conference which was my last one so I gave a departing testimony which was weird. I don't know I am now having a bunch of lasts, like this is my last full week on the mission. Got to stay focused though and I am. 

Tomorrow will be fun because I have my departing interview with President Daines and then I will lead my last district meeting and I am excited for that. We have a lot of plans to do finding this week because have no investigators at the moment. So I will be out in the cold all day everyday and I expect to see some blessings. Oh and we do have some where to go for Thanksgiving. I will be at Brother Thackers and it sounds like we will be eating on or with his fine silver. Last time I ate at his house we ate with silver plated silverware and had crystal glasses, the man is single and knows what he likes. I try and take pictures of what his house looks like on the inside.

Anyway all is well over here and I am working hard but I am slowing down but not by much. Elder Barra is a good companion and he is a energizer bunny. Have a good week and I will email you on Wednesday then I will talk to you on Friday.

Elder Young

Exchanges with Elder Cooley at the Taylor's house.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Marion Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This has been a great week and so much cool stuff happened! We went down to Chillicothe thanks to one of the Senior couples the Severson's. The baptism went great and I only had to dunk him once. What made it even cooler was that Mikes son came to support his dad. That truly was the highlight of the week for me because Mike had changed so much since I last saw him and he gave me his email finally.

Also this week was our stake Conference and our ward was assigned to go to the Mansfield building to watch the broadcast. That was cool because I got go see some old friends that I had made way back when. So that was really fun and made me think of all that happened in Mansfield.

So this week other than those events was really slow and we didn't have a whole lot happen and that was really hard. It crazy how hard it is to focus near the end but I am giving a good battle. One thing that helped was we found some speakers next to the dumpster that were practically brand new, and I didn't feel like it was there time. So we took them in and plugged them in and long behold they work really well. They are Magnavox speakers. 

Anyways that was my week and I am looking forward to week we have before us. Stay safe and keep going on.

Elder Young

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Marion Ohio #3

Hello Family,

This week was really fun and we are slowly getting some new investigators. Marion is an interesting place and is one of the bigger drug centers of Ohio. So many of the members live in the surrounding towns where the crime is slightly lower. So the ward boundaries are very big because it has only been a ward for a year and some. Elder Perry actually served in this area and wanted to come and dedicate the forming into a ward. Well that's what I heard a while back anyways who knows what's true these days. 

Anyway the cool spiritual things that happened this week is that we got our investigator Jamie Boarders to come to church. He seemed to enjoy it and actually knows some of the members because his mom was a member of the ward. So that was good and awesome because Elder Barra has never had an investigator come to church. Good progress! Also I learned that Mike Williamson is moving forward with Baptism and is on date for the 12 to be baptized. He also wants me to baptize him so I got permission to go do that from President Daines. So that will be cool.

That's all I have for you folks other than that I'm good and happy and very tired. I think I will sleep for a week. Hope you are all well and that you have good weather for pictures and all that. Keep up the Faith and keep moving forward.

Elder Young


Marion Ohio #2

Hello Family,

Sounds like we are all having crazy weeks that are just all over the place. This week was so fast and it has all blurred together into one day. The mission is getting me ready to come home because they gave me this thing called My Plan it is there way of making me  set goals for when I get home. Needless to say I don't like it. I am glad that all is well with you though and that you are all safe.

So this week we have been doing a lot of finding and have had a little success with that but not a lot. We have a few investigators that are progressing well for the most part. One of them is a couple that we found while looking for a former investigator and they are really cool so far. The big struggle right now is getting people to church because most of them don't have cars and most of the members don't live in Marion. Just the life of a missionary in Ohio.

Other than that all is going well and Elder Barra and I are getting along great! I have learned a few things about him. Like he did American folk dancing in High School and that took him and his group all over the world. So far he likes his trip to Poland the most. This is going to be a good end to my mission I can just tell.

One funny thing that happened last nigh was when we were at a members house for dinner. She told us about how they went to a party and her daughters went into a haunted woods thing and got scared really bad. What was really funny was how she described them runny out of the woods. She said they came running out of the woods like Slaves. I guess you can make references like that if your black. We then learned latter from there son that when a black man runs really fast they call that slave feet. I love the Wall family.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week and that you all stay safe. Thank you for the package you are sending me but I don't think I am going to vote this year because I honestly don't know whats going on and I would feel bad making an uneducated vote. Again love you all and I pray for you all the time.

Elder Young

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Marion Ohio #1

Hello Family,

This has been a crazy week over here learning a new area and new people. I am in a town called Marion and I don't know if I consider it big or small. My new companion is Elder Barra Andy is from Provo Utah and I will be going through the last 6 weeks of his training with him. I am still a district leader as well so I'm really mad about that but such is life.

I really don't have much to report because it has just been a blur and I am still catching up on everything. But I love you and hope you are safe. 

Elder Young

This is Mike with Elder Robison and I

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chillicothe Ohio #5

Hello Family,

This week has just flown by for me and for my companion Elder Robison. I was mid cycle transferred to Chillicothe remember. Elder Kimball is in the Hayden Run Ward still with Elder Gardner. Anyway sounds like you all had a busy week full of work and other things. I have a question where is dad putting all this cast iron stuff he is getting? So this is the week of transfers and there is a bunch of excitement in the mission.

This week we did a lot of finding and I also went on exchanges down in Jackson and that was crazy. Jackson is a tiny branch of about 20 active members and one of them is just nuts and I met him on the exchange. Funny thing about him is he is against marriage and so I shared 1 Corinthians 7:32-34 as a joke and he went and shared it with the whole branch and started an argument. Hope that doesn't come back to get me some day.

Anyway Mike is doing good but he is slowing down ever so slightly because he is worried about slipping away and becoming less active. I don't blame him though he knows so little of the ward and he has a lot of opposition at home from his family. But he wants to go to the temple and he says he believes it all. So we are trying very hard to get him a good fellowshiper from the Ward because he needs that friend and so far that has been very hard. Tonight we have a lesson and hopefully we can get a member out with us because we have struggled with that here. Crazy stuff but I know he can do it just keep in your prayers please.

I am trying to think of fun things that happened this week and really there are not many of them. We went on a really interesting street and met a real mean drunk that was a pastors son. Man that was intense! Oh I don't think I told you this but here in Chillicothe Ohio there is a paper plant and this week it smelled especially good as we were out side. It's just a fragrance you just cant get used to. Its a smell that just keeps on giving, and we love it so much on a windy day.

Well thats all for now folks! I love you very much and hope you have a blessed day and week! Stay safe and don't let the bed bugs bite because he itch like crazy. Tata for now😘 
Elder Young

 District Pictures
 Tag picture with Buckeye's.  This is something that Ohio is famous for :)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chillicothe Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This week has just been crazy and full of crazy things just like yours full things to always keep you busy. This week was great though but it did seem to go a little slower which always happens as we draw closer to transfers. I however am loving this area and it is very great and I am lucky I get to finish my mission here. 

So this week was really cool because we had interviews with the mission President and his wife. They did it differently then they have in the past because they came to every missionaries apartment and interviewed and inspected. Well they would have inspected our apartment if they weren't really behind schedule. It was good as usual and I learned so good insightful things about my district. Like the fact that the Jackson Elders have been living in an apartment that was flooded and it has not been fixed for little over a year now. So the floor had to be ripped up and carpet replaced and it still smells like a bad case of mildew and mold. The places people will live.

Also we went to The Ohio State campus to do new missionary follow up training and that was good. It was exactly like the last one I went to with Elder Kimball so I was really bored but Elder Robison had fun and thats what is important because it was for him and his group. That meeting took a long time plus the two hours there and back so we were dead by the time we got home.

The most exciting thing that happened this week however was that Mike accepted a day to be baptized and the day is the 29 of October. It was funny because we had a lesson planned and we were determined to have him accept a day to be baptized. However we walked into his house and had a great lesson and walked out and got in our car and slapped our heads and said how did that happen! So the next day we went by his house and he came out and we asked him to be baptized with out a moment hesitation. It worked out and he came to all 3 hours of church on Sunday and he seemed to enjoy it so that was great.

That was my week and I am so excited for Mike to get baptized at the end of this week. I hope you all have a great week and that you don't go crazy. Love you all and President Daines said to not make me trunky by giving me a count down. But if you want to send me the flight schedule you can because that should be coming soon if you don't already have it.

Love The Not So Trunky but Moveable in Short Notice
Elder Young 

Chillicothe Ohio #3

Hello Family,

This has been a really fast week for me and my companion and I am just scared by how fast time is going. Sounds like mom got the job and is liking it, thats really cool! Sorry to hear that Emma was out of the job for a while over false accusations. That is why the Missionary Handbook says be extremely cautious around little children. Anyway it sounds like all for the most part is well back there.

The mission is going great and was made even better with the approach of General Conference. This week we had a few lessons and had exchanges also had zone training meeting. It has been a very eventful week, full of preparation for the up coming Conference on Saturday. What was really cool was all our preparation for our investigators worked and Mike Williamson came to the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions, and he loved it. He came and we gave him something to take notes with and he took a ton of notes. After the Sunday afternoon session we went by to talk to him and he said he couldn't wait to come again.

We are so excited by all that is happening with our investigator Mike. We are also excited because we continue to find people and they seem interested in meeting with us and turning there lives around. We just met a couple on Saturday night and they were awesome. There names are Ryan and Aleise, and I cant wait to meet with them because Ryan came out and new a lot of the Restoration already! He even said he was writing down our appointment on his calendar and we didn't even have to prompt him too. So that was cool and there have been several other experiences like that.

The funny thing that happen this week was at General Conference. The Winfield family was there and they brought there kids with them. One of them came up to me and asked if I would let the other Elders "Rocket Jump" him, or in other terms he wanted them to pick him up so he could put a ball somewhere high. I asked him why he was asking me, and he responded because they said you are there boss. It was really funny and through it all we all really confused this poor 5 year old kid but it was really funny and very cute. Those other Elders are a bunch of punks!

Anyway all is going great and we are having success because the Lord is guiding us and showing us the way. This work would go no where if the spirit was not here pulling us along the whole time. I hope you all have a great week and that you workaholics don't run yourselves into the ground. Love you all very much!

Elder Young

The Waverly Elders got into a fight on our way home from Zone Training it was funny and pathetic.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Chillicothe Ohio #2

Hello Family,

Haha I am glad that I was able to make you all laugh by making up a funny nickname for myself. My companion didn't even know that I called myself that when I first moved in. Now as for me and my companion we are getting along great and are working very hard in this area. I like it here and the members are nice but this is going to be one of those areas where I wont be feed a lot.

I like the mini van for the most part which is good because we drive everywhere because we have a large area. We also live pretty far from the nearest neighborhood and to bike would spell disaster to anyone. This area is very rich in history with native Americans and with church history. I am hopping that one of these p-days we will be able to go on one of the many hiking trails near us. Chillicothe is nice also because its not flat and we have small mountains not to far. There just a little higher than a thousand feet, but its nice to be in an area thats not completely flat.

This area is so far is been really good and we are finding tons of new people but we are having the same old problem of getting them to the return appointments that we set up with them. So far our most progressing investigator is Aaron Williamson and we have been able to meet with him a couple of times and he is moving along well. We just need to get him to come to church but have not been successful so far. He also has just come up with a concern and we hope to resolve it soon. 

The cool thing that happened this week is we were walking to go see one of the other investigators that the missionaries taught before they both got moved out. While we were walking she pulled up and started talking to us. She wanted us to start coming over again because she missed meeting with the missionaries. Then she referred us to go see her neighbor because she had been talking to her about how church could help her. It was cool to see and investigator that wanted to talk to us and that was doing missionary work. So we hope to meet with the neighbor Emily again because she wasn't their for our return appointment.

All in all a good week and I am looking forward to this week and to see what happens. Hope you all stay safe and that you all have a good time doing what ever you do. Love you all very much.

Elder Young

Monday, September 19, 2016

Chillicothe Ohio #1

Hello Family,

Sorry to hear that your week slowed down that always is the worst thing ever. It's cool though to hear that you are all doing good. It sounds like dad is growing his collection of cast iron, by the way where are you putting all of it? Anyway I am glad all is going well back home and that you are all safe.

This week for me has been pretty fast and very crazy. So we went to the temple on Tuesday and that was great, it was also our pday. Then Wednesday morning I was called by President Daines and told to pack and to be ready to move to Chillicothe after district meeting and after they get out of the temple. So I packed held our district meeting and then met the Chillicothe Elders after there temple session. So now I am here in Chillicothe Ohio with Elder Robison who is brand new, only been out a week now. 

Then on Thursday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders so we went to that early in the morning. Spent the day there with them and that was good. Then The day after that I had to go to a district leader meeting and that practically took the whole day coupled with the travel time back to our area. So finally on Saturday and Sunday I got to have a full day with my new companion in my new area.  

I like it here in Chillicothe but it is a little run down and full of crime. Just means the people are open and ready to receive the gospel. We have already met a guy named Aaron and he seems open to meeting with us. He told us though that he has been on the internet trying find fault in our religion but hasn't found anything yet. We have a planned lesson today at 7 so I am looking forward to that. This area is wide open to us because Elder Robison and his first companion Elder Gardner were "doubled in" which means they were just dropped off and said good luck.

Love you all back there and I hope you stay safe through your many adventures. I pray for you every night. Love you again.

Elder Young

The Movable in short notice.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #13

Hello Family,

This week was really good and we worked really hard by going out and just hitting the pavement right running. We sadly were not able to have lessons with any of the people that mentioned in my last email to you. Life moves on as you know. Glad that you had a safe trip home and enjoyed your stay in Utah with the family. 

So we are trying so hard to meet new people and to meet with those we know more regularly. It has been really hard but we continue to have hope and faith. Those we know are just in a non progressing mood and we are at a loss. It's a new transfer though so we get to try again and that's always good. 

I just realized though that I have 12 weeks left of my mission. I honestly that shocked me to my core that time that is short. So I guess that I will be seeing you sooner than I thought. I of course will continue to work hard and to serve the lord the way I know he wants me too.

Love you all and hope you have a great week. I can't focus right now because I am surrounded by a bunch of missionaries.

Elder Young

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #12

Hello Family,

This week has been very good and we have been finding a lot of new investigators as we have been walking around. We have yet to have many second appointments but we have hope. I don't think I am getting trunky, I haven't stopped working as hard as I was in the beginning. Anyway the weather has been good so far. Yesterday nearly killed me though because we had a increase in temperature and humidity and I almost melted. All is good here though in good old Hilliard.

This week we had some good lessons with Jeffrey and with Janet but I think that they are starting to back peddle a little. We also met and taught this girl named Marrena and we have met with her twice now. She said she would try to come to church but she would talk to her mom first. So we are hoping that mom is ok with it. Also met with Amanda and had a good lesson on faith and prayer. She is cool and we hope that she changes from just a study to actually applying what we teach to her life.

We also had a cool experience were we got a media referral meaning someone requested something for them selves on our church websites. The person who requested it was actually a member who joined the church in Haiti and he wanted us to come teach his wife. We gave them a Book of Mormon and we taught them a little and set up a return appointment to come and give them a French Book of Mormon. It's always cool when people come to us rather than us trying to find them.

Also had a cool experience were we are going to be visiting and teaching a Muslim couple. Lately we have been running into a lot of Muslim people and they are so hard to get interested in what we share. They are very nice but they want us to read the Karan, but we can't and that has been our friction point with them. But this couple was ok with us coming by and bringing a member that has read the Karan. So I am excited to see what happens in that lesson.

Well I don't know what else to share with you other than that our zone is preparing to sing at a fireside we are hosting. It's been fun and I will be singing Baritone and bass on one of the songs. I am hoping you all had a safe trip home and that all is well with you. I love you all very much and will continue to work hard all the way home. Maybe this time I will sit next to someone who will talk with me. Anyway love you all again! 

Elder Young

Hilliard Ohio #11

Hello Family,

This week has been so fast I don't know what happened to all the time. This week we have been blessed by the fact that people were open to talking with us as we went about. Also we got a lot of members to lessons which was a great blessing. I also am very happy to hear from you and so happy that Emma's engagement is getting more and  more official as time goes on. I can just feel the excitement and joy all the way here in little old Hilliard Ohio.

So this week like I mentioned was very fast paced and we got a lot of lessons in and that was great. Jeffrey has been sick this week so we didn't really get to meet that often or very long to teach anything. We also got a new investigator Amanda who was referred by her boyfriend who is a less active member. The boyfriend Aaron flagged down some missionaries in a different area and told them to get missionaries in contact with him ASAP. So they called us and we had a lesson the next day with brother Weller and it went really well and they came to church. They are very awesome couple and they offered to feed us before our next lesson, we get a meal and a lesson! 

Also for lessons we had a hand off lesson with Ben Hoop which means we had a lesson with the missionaries that would be teaching him. So we met at President Smiths home with the Hilliard sisters that are in our district. It was really cool because I got to see how the sisters teach and they are very powerful and so much better than me. Anyway it went really well and they committed Ben to eat baptized on the 1st of October. The Smiths were so happy and I think that we gained a lot of trust from him and his wife which is great. 

I think the only other cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Kimball and I went to OSU for his follow up training meeting. That was really fun and is always a treat to get trained by President Daines and his wife who are just getting goofier as they go. Also one funny thing happened this week at district meeting which made me laugh and have a flash back. One of the sisters burped very loudly and I could help but think of Jackie and all the many sudden burps she did. Love ya Jackie ;) Anyway it was a good laugh. Also one of the sisters in the district is leaving at the end of this transfer so we took a death photo. 

All n all a very fun good week and a lot of good things happening and I am so happy that this area is picking up. The Lord rewards his servants for their work, so the lord is giving Elder Kimball an opportunity to actually get to teach and learn. I hope you all have a safe week. Love you all very much. 

Elder Young
Also made cookies for investigators, each one is 3.5 ounces

Sister Barton's "death" picture haha

Oh ya on Monday we had a mission Activity and this happened. Ultimate "Farmer's Tan" status.

Hilliard Ohio #10

Hey Family,

So this week was a good one and the weather was really nice and wasn't to hot. Good to hear that you are all safe where ever you are. This week was nice also because we had our car and it allowed us to do a lot more as well as a way to get out of the heat. We have been trying to meet with people through the week but have had little luck with the new people that we talk to. We however are able to meet with Jeffrey and a member referral Ben. Kind of a slow week but was nice was the lessons we did have were with members. Also that Ben came to church that was a really big thing for us.

So this week has been full of a lot of service to the ward members and Just Serve opportunities. It was a lot of fun to get dirty pulling tons of weeds and lifting heavy things as well as assembling shelves. It's nice to be able to help in some kind of way when ever we can and those opportunities have become more frequent. So Elder Kimball and I are very happy.

Now to the lesson we had this week. Starting with Ben Hoop who was referred to us by President Smith of our mission Presidency. He is also the stake president that worked with the committees to get a temple here in Ohio. Very nice man but is intimidating because of all his achievements. He is also a professor at Ohio State over the department of Agriculture. Anyway we had a lesson at his house and taught Ben who is a very nice and open to learning and said that he would be baptized. Sad thing is we learned at church that he live in the other Ward boundaries and we will have to refer him over to the sisters in our district.

Also had two lessons with Jeffrey one with Brother Robinson and one with Brother Hsu (sue). Both were really good lesson and Jeffrey is making very slow progress but for him I guess it's very fast. He is over coming some big things in his life that have held him down for several years so all though it's slow he is moving in the right direction. Jeffrey connected with Brother Hsu the most which is good because Jeffrey needs a friend. Brother Robinson was very helpful though in helping Jeffrey open up a little more with us. As well as after the lesson we got to know Jeffrey's son a little better. We played a street version of Pickle Ball and it was a lot of fun and Brother Robinson was really good.  

That was our week really and it was fun to do some different things. It is also always fun and rewarding to serve others in anyway we can. Hope you all have a great week and that you stay safe. Keep me in the loop so that I'm not completely lost on events. Keep up all the good work that I know your doing.


Elder Young

Hilliard Ohio #9

Hey Dad,

I'm glad that you and Emma are doing good back home while mom is off running around with family. I also glad that you have found a new hobby with antiquing cast iron. I have been in Sidney Ohio and there is just a lot of old stuff in Ohio in general. Hope you have fun with the new calling a ward clerk over membership. You and the rest of the family are having so many different changes its crazy.

This week has been good and very wet as it has finally decided to rain, no down poor cats and dogs and maybe even elephants. We were out side when it started to rain and a lightning bolt touched down a little less than a 1/4 of a mile from us. It was loud and just cool to witness natures power. However even after getting soaked in a matter of seconds we still went out and tracted and got a few potentials. 

This week we also had a zone conference and had a really good training by President Daines and his wife. I really enjoyed this one as we went over effective teaching styles as well as over coming fear and developing faith. President Daines has changed so much over the time I have been here. He has gone from strict to a very fun teacher but is still strict and quick to correct those things that are wrong. Anyway I love it here and I love President Daines and his wife. Oh funny story time. So after the zone conference we needed a ride back to our apartment because our car was in the shop, and no one could give us one. So President Daines gave Sister Daines permission to give us a ride back to our apartment. It was weird to be in a car with someone of the opposite gender with no third male. So it's funny and weird for missionaries you are probably thinking that is a weird story.

Now as for our investigators we have only been able to meet with Jeffrey Johnson and we had some good lessons. He is very open with us and that is good because he just tells us what his concerns are with out us trying to figure it out. His concerns are hard though so we have been putting a lot of thought into how best to help him. We hope that we can soon meet with the others. Janet Donnell had a heart attack last week, well she had been suffering from a heart attack for a month before she went in to get checked out. So she has been taking it easy and we understand and are trying to see if we can help in anyway.

Anyways it has been a good week and I hope that you are all safe and continue to be safe. I love you all very much and hope you have a great week.

Elder Young

This bee landed on Elder Welker while we were at Zone Conference 

This is my latest attempt at what has been dubbed a Tongan sandwich

Hilliard Ohio #8

Hello Dad and Emma,

Well this week has been a lot of fun and it sounds like yours has been also. I have been getting a lot of packages full of goodies and I loved them all. Elder Kimball got a package as well so I didn't feel bad. Training is going great and my bouncing boy is growing so fast. Anyway I am happy to hear from you and to learn of your recent activities.

So this week we have meet with a few of our investigators and had some good lessons. Jeffrey Johnson, Janet Donnell, and JD are who we are able to meet with the most and we are excited for them. Jeffrey is going to be hard because he has been meeting with missionaries for a really long time. Janet Donnell is just wanting to learn about her neighbors religion so she can live next to them and not offend. However she is willing to let us come do yard work so we are really excited because no one else will. JD is an interesting one and I don't know where he is at, so we will continue to meet. That is who we are currently working with.

So interesting things that happened this week is that we had a surprise training on technology safety. What was really different was a sister who was married before the mission shared a very personal story about how she got a divorce. It was a sad story and really changed everyones out looks on why using technology for the right reasons is so vital. Its crazy to hear about how things are missed used and abused even by missionaries, a very select few but still enough to be saddened. 

I guess the only other interesting thing this week was that I got a lot of early presents and I am so grateful for them and my family that sent them. I love you all so much and hope that you have a great rest of your week. Hope that you continue to be safe and that Jackie has an easy labor?? If that makes any sense. Again I love you all so much!

P.S Dad didn't you go through this cast Iron phase this same time last year?
Elder Young

Finished candy puzzle that we sent him for his birthday

Lego birthday present :) (that I'm sure was really difficult for him to put together ;) )

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #7

Hello family,

Sounds like you all have had good weeks over in the distant land of the west coast. This week for me has been fun and full of excitement as I awaited the coming of my new companion that I would be training. So this Thursday I went to transfers and dropped off Elder Belnap and went to a meeting were I received Elder Kimball as my new son.

So far we are doing good and are getting a long and he is ever so eager to go out and work and has to drag this old mission fart around with him. Elder Kimball is from Hawaii well he was born and raised there most of his life but he went to the MTC from Rexburg Idaho where is dad Teaches Accounting at BYU. He is only 18 and came fresh from High School, so I am also doing a lot teaching on how to take care of ones self. He is a good cleaner though, his mom taught him how to clean just not how to cook.

This week has been good as we have met a few new people who have shown interesting meet with us. One of the people we met while looking for someone else and he was really fun to talk to and teach. We also met a guy named Jeffery Johnson who is a former investigator and he was excited that we came to meet him. So we have high hopes for these people that we can continue to meet with them.

Anyways all is good over here in Ohio and I am still in the same place which is a good thing because I like the people here. Hope that you are all safe and doing well and that there is no more sickness. I love you all very much.

Elder Young

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #6

Hello Family,

This has been one hot week full of a lot of fun things. Glad to hear that all is well back home and that you are all healthy. I have been good as well but I have been drenched in my sweat. I have become a profuse sweater and it is really grossing me out because its mainly on my face and back. Anyway enough about bodily functions.

So this week we have not been able to meet with JD or that family that I told you about. We have meet a bunch of new people though like Cameron Young and and his Girlfriend, and Lexi. We were also able to meet with a less actives son who wants to be baptized and his name is Ashton. So we have a lot of people the thing is getting lesson with them again. Ashton is hard because his mom keeps rescheduling on us every time we set up a lesson. People are just so flaky in this area its ridiculous, but that doesn't stop us from teaching and having a good time.

Speaking of good times we had a couple of fun things happen this week that haven't happened to me in a long time. First off I was pumping up my bike tire and I was at like 60 psi which is its minimum psi and it blew up. Sounded like a gun shot and I was surprised but I didn't jump at all. Then one of our neighbors came out and thought we had knocked on there door. It was funny. Secondly we were out tracting and we knocked on this door and someone in side yelled POLICE. It was funny to hear that again. Then this nice guy came out and talked to us briefly. Then later we were walking past his house back to our bikes and he came out and gave us water. Very nice guy.

Also I have learned that I will be training again! I got a call on Monday from President Daines that he wants me to train again. Their are like 20 missionaries coming out so this transfer a fourth of the mission will be trained and will be training. So I'm excited because Elder Anderson the one I trained is also training as well as the other missionary that Elder Simkins trained before he went home. So the Elder Simkins lineage is growing in the Great Ohio Columbus Mission, well as my own. Just more fun times on the mission.

Anyways I hope that you all have a great rest of your week and that you all stay safe. Always be reading your scriptures daily there is a great strength that comes from that and prayer. Love you all and I will see you all soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #5

Hello Family,

This has been a good week full of good old riding a bike full time and tracting a bunch of houses. For you it sounds like you did a lot more or at least had a lot more going on. I however am glad that I do not have a bunch of men on my roof pulling off shingles and replacing them. Instead I was out under the burning sun getting a nice tan and getting eaten alive by bugs. 

We had some good lessons with people at there doors again and hope that we will get a second lesson with someone soon. As for that family we don't know what is going on with them. When ever we stop by to talk to them they are either not home or don't answer the door. We will continue to try though. Coolest lesson we had was yesterday, we met a guy named JD. He came out and had questions and talked with us for a little while. He also the only person who gave us a return appointment this week. So I am happy that one person actually talked to us.

This week was however very hard because we met a lot of people that had to make the effort to come and make fun of us. This one guy was funny but it was still hard. He drove up to us in his car and told us that we should go and bug other people. He also asked what a bunch of kids were going to teach him that he didn't already know. Then I just kind of tuned out and just smiled. I however remember him telling us that we were weird for believing in a heavenly daddy. He then asked if we still believe in Santa Claus. It was a really weird interaction were this man was trying to make himself sound better than us but insulted himself in the process.

Life is good and I am glad to hear that you are all doing good back home. Tomorrow I will be at my 20 month mark and will only have 4 months left. It's crazy how things go by so fast. I love you all and want you to know I am working hard and will see you soon.

Elder Young
So this morning we had a zone activity and I played volleyball with the sisters and a few of the Elders. Well I tried to at least, several of the sisters really knew what they were doing. Then we played blindfolded softball. That was weird and sadly not many liked it. So we played normal softball with whiffle balls. It was fun and I ended up slamming into this one elder trying to get back to base while he was running to get me out. It was funny because it didn't hurt at all and everyone freaked out. Probably because I just laid there after it happened and didn't move. It was all really fun. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This week has been a lot of fun and full of a lot of good old tracting and hoping to get some lessons in with people. We where lucky to get a few and that always lifts your spirits and makes it worth it to be here. The weather has started to cool off a little or maybe I am just getting use to it. Either way this was a good week and I had a lot of fun over here in the Hayden Run Ward.

So this week like I said we have been doing a lot of tracting and that has been fun because it always gives me the opportunity to get to know my companions better. It also gives you the chance to meet a lot of people that are around you. We were able to teach a few more people than the last few weeks I have been here. They were all on door steps but that is always the first step. I hope that we can meet with them again because they all wouldn't give times we could come back, which is hard. I'm just happy that the work is slowly speeding up.

One fun thing that happened this week was that we had interviews with the Mission President. I always enjoy my brief visits with him and the little bits of advise that he gives even though half the time we talk about my companions more than me. I prefer it that way though. One fun thing also happen at interviews, some of the sisters in my district showed up with corn rows in there hair. I had to try so hard not to laugh to there faces but it was so funny. I also felt bad for them because I just knew a grill session was going to happen with President Daines. If you just read the missionary handbook you will always do good as a missionary but if you don't you feel it.

One other funny thing happened this week as Elder Belnap and I went and did service at a Lutheran food bank type thing. What we did was we would take people around the facility and we would help them get a certain amount of food for there family. It is a lot of fun and we get to wear service cloths so its awesome. So we were helping one last person and this guy comes in and he has this twig in his mouth. It was a good size twig, it was at least a fourth of an inch in diameter just sticking straight in front of his mouth. He was just chewing on this twig like nothing was wrong and like it was perfectly normal to chew on a stick. Anyway we kept our selves under control but once we got in the car we were just dying from laughter.

It was a good week and it sounds like you also had a good week together going to the beach. I hope that you continue to be safe and that all of you stay healthy. Tell Tyler to stop getting sick like that its not good for you. I love you all and hope that you all have opportunities to share little gospel messages with those around you. 

Elder Young

This is Sherman and he is a Pitt bull, brown Lab mix and he is the best dog ever. Built like a tank! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Picture and video

Elder Young and Elder Belknap were messing around and Elder Belknap went over his handle bars.  Everyone is ok but they had some fun with it :)

Hilliard Ohio #3

Hello Family,

Sounds like you have had actually a really eventful week full of ups and downs. Shocked to hear about Tyler and hope he continues to heal well after his unexpected surgery. Yard work is also very calming and I like working because it distracts you from all the things around you for a time. Sorry if I have ever felt like you lives are boring that was not my intention ever by telling you to do new things. As long as you are doing things. you enjoy thats what is the most important.

Funny though how what you enjoy or find fun changes as you get older. I love getting the chance to clean our apartment or just simply take naps. I have also enjoyed as I have been moved around to see the different designs of the homes. I have fallen in love with the old brick homes and I love the look of tin roofs. You should look into getting a metal roof, thats my opinion anyways. Suck though that the roof needs to be replaced though.

So this week we have been doing a lot of biking and trying to meet with all the people in the area that have shown interest in the church. Have meet a lot of nice people but very few have been really interested. So it has been hard but the few that have shown interest I am very excited to go and meet with again. Also had an run in with some people who believe in the Trinity and it just showed me how hard it is to talk about it with out bashing. As well as how little I have had to talk about that subject that I was at a loss for words. It went well but one guy was getting really heated and then we bore our testimonies and this lady asked if she could pray for us. It was a prayer that we would be able to find truth and find the right answers. It was funny but the gesture was very kind and I appreciate that she cared enough for us to do that even though she thought we were miss guided.

There has been a really cool push in the mission to try and find ways to get members involved in missionary work, as well as to get them out to lessons. That is like the hardest thing to do as a missionary. I have been thinking a lot on it and I hope the ideas that I have will work. Preach my Gospel is very handy and I have loved reading in chapter 9 under Working With Members. I encourage you to look at that section and see if there are somethings you would like to try. I also would like to ask that you open up the house as a place for investigators to meet and have lessons in a more controlled environment. It really does help to bring the spirit and it helps with everyones own missionary work. 

I love you all and I hope that you have a great 4th of July and that what ever you do that you are safe. I love you and hope that you continue to be you and find those things you find joy in. Continue to read the scriptures daily as that is were you will find one of your greatest joys as well as through daily prayer. Again I love you and wish you a good week. 

Elder Young

Ps. I wasn't able to get the pictures you sent of Rocky. Also that blimp was cool.

Hilliard Ohio #2

Hello Family,

This has been a good week and I am so glad to have some stories to share with you this week that are really cool. I am also glad to hear that you are all doing good and that you are meeting new people in the ward. I love being on a bike again because this area is flat so It takes little area to get around. The hard part is biking with traffic but we don't care and just ride on the sidewalk because it is one safer and two no one walks here. The weather has been really hot and very humid and Elder Belnap is dying. Also had some crazy lightning storms come through, I just love the sound of thunder when it shakes the  building.

So this week we were able to meet one of the investigators that Elder Belnap was teaching before I got here. His name was Clarence and he is awesome. Has a great desire to be an example to his family and is looking for a church to do that. What was really cool is that as we taught him he told us that he already believed is the things we were teaching. Like when we told him about the pre earth life he got really excited and was told us over and over that he knew that was true. Cant wait to see him again.

Also I had the opportunity to exercise so of the responsibilities of being a district leader that I didn't get to do the first time. I got to conduct a baptism because there wasn't anyone there from the bishopric to lead of preside. So I got to conduct under the authority of President Daines who was there to preside. It was a neat experience to site next to President Daines and to be directed by him on things that he wanted to happen during the event. Then this Sunday I interviewed a lady named Alyssa Lemaster for Baptism. Now that was most definitely new and a lot easier than I thought it would be which is always the case. I like being a district leader I just hate doing district meetings and teaching missionaries who already know the ropes. Oh well.

One more cool thing happened after church. A part member family was at church that I didn't see and it made me a little sad that I didn't see them. But they met with Bishop and after we were introduced to them. They were awesome and I could just tell that they are a prepared family and that they are ready to hear and learn the gospel. This will be one of the few times I have taught a family and I can't wait to see how they help each other and grow together. What a rare experience to teach families and a very special one. I will keep you in the loop with there progression.

This week has been full of small blessings and it is just a reminder that the lord is aware of us in our sufferings and that he does reach out through others. The love of our Heavenly Father has been very evident as this week has been full of trials and hard ship. But I know that as we continue to follow and pray to him he will help us so that we can have the strength to push forward. I love you all and hope that you have a good week!

Elder Belknap and Elder Young

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #1

Well I am happy that you all had good weeks and that dad had company for Father's Day and that you had monster burgers. I miss all the family fun at reunions but hopefully I will be able to make it to the next one I have a good place of employment. I am doing good over here and am now in the Hayden Run Ward which covers part of Hilliard Ohio. So I am still in the city and I am on bikes until the end of the month. We car share with sisters, but we have the car we just don't have miles to use.

The ward here is great and is very engaged in missionary work and have been very helpful with giving us rides and coming out with us. In fact a member asked to come out with us for three hours just doing whatever needs to be done. So we tried to meet potential investigators and less actives with him. It was a great experience for all of us. Met this less active that had this chill pit bull that they rescued that at one time was a fighting dog. It was so calm and obedient and it just made me want to get one so bad. I miss dogs.  

I almost forgot to tell you my new companion is Elder Belnap and he is from Ogden Utah and I am what is called follow up training. So I will be going over the last 6 weeks of his training with him. He is really cool and so far we are getting along great but he is having a hard time with getting a new companion so early in his mission. He is warming up fast though so that is good. Also I am a district leader again and I can just feel the stress again but it should be easy because there are just sisters in my district. There is also the zone leaders but from what I understand they don't attend that often. It should be a cake walk I don't know why I am worried.

That is what is happening over here and I am doing good and I hope all goes well with you this week. love you all so much and again I hope dad had a happy Father's Day. I think about what you all the time and what you all taught me so that I could be prepared to come out here. You are the best dad and parents. Peace Out.

P.s Did you get all of my pictures?
Elder Young

Marble Cliff Pictures

The Zone

Goofy Zone Picture

The District

Elder Cox and Elder Young. He said there are shopping carts all over the place, this one was across the street from his apartment.

The sidewalks don't make sense in Ohio!

He found a big map and had to take a selfie (or attempt to take a selfie ;)) with Oregon :)

Eating Little Caesar's Pizza with the Elders from Riverside on P-Day

Marble Cliff #4

Hey Dad,

Sorry to hear that the weather is also undesirable there as well, it makes work outside terrible. The weather has gotten better or I am just slowly getting use to it. We have been doing a lot of finding this week and it has paid off a little which is always great for us and staying busy. Sadly  though Dj said that he liked us coming over but that they were comfortable where they are. Big let down but we have found others that are ready.

This week we have been meeting with this guy name Gary and he is awesome. He is by far the nicest and most genuine person I have met so far. He is meeting with us because of how nice Elder Cox was to him when they met. We have since taught the first lesson and read the first couple chapters of the Book of Mormon with him. We hope that he comes to church this Sunday and feels the spirt. Its kind of fun having the temple next to our meeting house because people just have tons of questions.

Also on Sunday after Sacrament I noticed a guy that I have never seen before, so I walked over and introduced myself. Turns out he was invited to come to church by some members of another ward and he just walked into our sacrament service. His name is Ali Kamara and he is from Sierra Leone and he is muslim. He wants to learn about our church and he said that he will come to church every Sunday and bring friends when he can. We cant wait to teach him.

There have been many people that have either came up to us or we have met that are very open to meeting with us. All the hard work is paying off or in other words the lord is moving the work forward and I have been blessed to see it happen. I have made it this far and I still make rookie mistakes. Despite all my short comings and those of all the missionaries, the church grows faster and faster. What a weird thought that a global church would put so much trust in young adults to spread the Gospel. Just shows even more the hand of the lord.

I thank you for your offer on the Alfalfa and ginger but I do good if I get small doses of milk through the day. I just cant eat bowls of ice cream or a bowl of cereal with out paying the consequences. My other allergies are doing fine though. I'm not that allergic to Ohio as Oregon which is great for me at the moment. I just feel older when I talk to missionaries and I say that I have hay fever, can't eat milk, and when I walk a lot I feel my left hip click. I have a growing list of medical conditions. At least I have my list and not somebody else's list. Oh well life continues, no point in crying about. I complain a lot how do you live with me?

I hope that you have a good Father's Day and that you and Rocky get along since everyone is gone. I love you and think of you everyday. Your sacrifices for my benefit have not gone unnoticed. Love you tons.

Ps I ate frog legs the other day and their not bad.

Elder Young

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Marble Cliff 2 #3

Hello Family,

Wow so many questions and so much good news about what is happening with ya"ll back home. My missionary card has an incorrect date on it because my mission has been extended a week. I wont get home till the first of December instead of the 23 of November like my card says. I did get dads comment on the bee pollen, and they don't sell it here or have farmers markets that I know of. Some members have bee hives and they may give me some.  I think there was one more. Oh and for the lactose problems its gotten so bad that if I eat a bowl of cereal in the morning it upsets my stomach. I feel the best when I don't have milk and it makes me sad because the members love to give us ice cream here. I know the root beer float was really big but I was the only one hurting after.

Anyway I hope that answers your questions. The weather over here has been nasty as well. It is in the 80's with 90 percent humidity and I and my companions are dying when ever we go out side. We have been doing a lot of finding and are getting a few lessons here and there but we don't have any solid investigators. A lot of open people that love to talk about religion and that makes it fun and hard because they are, "Happy were there at". There is no growth in the comfort zone people! Oh well, we are working hard and inviting and Elder Cook told us that if we invite we are successful missionaries.

Actually we found this guy named Dj who is really cool because we set up a lesson and gave him our phone number, and he did something no one ever does. He called us and told us the time we set up didn't work and set up Another time to meet. Then he was home when we came by for the lesson. It was a good lesson too. I wish everyone was like that. Oh I almost forgot his mom was there and she was reading before we left, they are golden. Im so happy.

But ya that is my life right now and I love it so much. I can't wait to see you in these next few months. Time is flying so fast and I still don't know how to be a missionary. Oh and transfers is next week so who knows I could be somewhere else soon. Love you all so much. Keep on feeding the missionaries because Im not.

Elder Young

Monday, May 30, 2016

Marble Cliff 2 #2

Hello Family,

Life has been good over here and it has also been boiling hot with the humidity in this nasty state. Other than that I have had a great time working hard and trying to meet all the people that live in this area. I am glad to hear that you have had nice weather and that you are all doing good. 

Elder Cox said that his parents names are Wayne and Linda and his grandparents are Merril and Dorris. Elder Welker says that he works by first name so he doesn't know if he knows them, but if they went to Shelly High school he probably did. My companions are awesome and I like the change in location and feel since this is a city. Yesterday we tried our hands at street contacting in the city but there weren't that many people out walking. There is also a a lot of crime and I thing something really serious like a murder happened because there was five police cars and a taped of section. We cover a lot of really low income areas(Ghetto). Its all good.

Oh I forgot to tell you that the church building that my ward meets in is next to the temple. We also got one of our investigators, Art, to have a church tour. We hope that we can get him to church sometime. Oh and this Sunday I gave a talk on the subject honor thy father and thy mother. They asked me to give a talk on Thursday night and I didn't get to write it until Saturday, but it came out ok for only having about two hours to write it. We are also are getting more meals and our shy members are starting to talk to us more. This is the weirdest ward I have served in yet, because they don't talk.

I am also glad to hear about the changes that are happening with you and I hope you have fun playing Kickball with the ward. There are some fun benefits to getting to know the members were you live. Met the coolest member here yesterday and his name is Brother Yearsly. He has an awesome gun collection that made my jaw drop and I saw a gun that someday I may get. Anyway I wish you the best in your new goal dad and i know there will only be benefits. Now as for the Astro I cant wait to see what you do to it because I just think that is the funniest, cool idea I have heard in a while.

I hope that you all have a great week and that you have a good time again at the ward activity. Love you all a lot.

Elder Young

 Elder Young and his long hair :)
 Elder Young and a giant root beer float at the Yearslys
Half the mission that was trained by Elder Zaballos :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016


 Elder Young and the Suber Family in Washington Court house.
 Elder Cox from Manti Utah and Elder Welker from Shelly Idaho. In new area Marble Cliff 2
 Elder Welker
Elder Daines in  a funny meme some Elder made :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Marble Cliff 2 #1

Hello Family,

So this week as you can probably imagine was a very crazy week for me on the mission with Elder Porter going home. So on Monday we got the news that Elder Porter would be going home the next day in the morning and that I would be leaving to a new area that night. So I to pack very quickly and get ready to drive us to the mission home, so I managed to pack my stuff in 30 minutes which a new record for me. I left some stuff I'm realizing as the week has gone on but I packed in 30 minutes so Im still impressed. 

Anyway we got to the mission home at 9 Monday night and weighed Elder Porters bags and I waited for my new companions to show up. I am in a trio again with an Elder Cox from Manti Utah, and a Elder Welker from Shelly Idaho. I like them a lot and we are working hard. I was told Monday by President that he was sending me on another mission and that was to keep an eye on my companions and the district as a whole. So I have become the fix it missionary now, Ya. I lucked out though because they are already obedient so no real work to be done.

So this week we have just been walking around our area trying to talk to people and to get in contact with our investigators. Oh by the way my area is Called Marble Cliff 2 which is in Columbus on the north end. We cover down town Columbus which has a lot of cool little stores. Its weird to be back in the big city after being in the small town communities, but it is all coming back to me. I am really excited to just be out working again and to not be sitting in the apartment doing nothing.

Now as for traditions in the mission we just burn stuff at the 6, 12, 18, and 24 month marks of our mission. The mission President is trying to stop it though. I have only burned a tie though and I found it in the Reynoldsburg apartment so it wasn't even my tie. Also my stuff is doing really well my buttons on my shirts are getting weak but I haven't had to sew one on. My shoes are doing really great the only thing that is bad about them is the are not as waterproof anymore. I try to take very good care of my stuff so that I don't have to do a lot of maintenance.

One thing that I forgot to tell you about this week was we had Elder Zeballos of the seventy come and train us which was really cool. He talked about the importance of the Holly Ghost in missionary work and how we as missionaries can only bring the spirit unto the hearts of those we teach. That they have to bring the spirit into there hearts, and that we help the recognize the spirit so that they can let it in. Also we met a crazy lady while out knocking on doors and the conversation went like this:
Lady: Are you Jehovah Witnesses? 
Elder Cox: Uh no were LDS
Lady: Thats good, Hail satan.
Elder Cox: Uh, We go around talking to people about Jesus...
Lady: No thanks we worship the dark lord, Satan, in this house.
It was really weird and really funny at the same time, at least she was nice about not being interested though.

All is good here though and I am working hard in the new area with my new companions who are really good Elders. I hope that you all have a good week and that you continue strong and I will see you in 6 months. Oh could you send me some bee pollen for my allergies.