Friday, July 29, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #6

Hello Family,

This has been one hot week full of a lot of fun things. Glad to hear that all is well back home and that you are all healthy. I have been good as well but I have been drenched in my sweat. I have become a profuse sweater and it is really grossing me out because its mainly on my face and back. Anyway enough about bodily functions.

So this week we have not been able to meet with JD or that family that I told you about. We have meet a bunch of new people though like Cameron Young and and his Girlfriend, and Lexi. We were also able to meet with a less actives son who wants to be baptized and his name is Ashton. So we have a lot of people the thing is getting lesson with them again. Ashton is hard because his mom keeps rescheduling on us every time we set up a lesson. People are just so flaky in this area its ridiculous, but that doesn't stop us from teaching and having a good time.

Speaking of good times we had a couple of fun things happen this week that haven't happened to me in a long time. First off I was pumping up my bike tire and I was at like 60 psi which is its minimum psi and it blew up. Sounded like a gun shot and I was surprised but I didn't jump at all. Then one of our neighbors came out and thought we had knocked on there door. It was funny. Secondly we were out tracting and we knocked on this door and someone in side yelled POLICE. It was funny to hear that again. Then this nice guy came out and talked to us briefly. Then later we were walking past his house back to our bikes and he came out and gave us water. Very nice guy.

Also I have learned that I will be training again! I got a call on Monday from President Daines that he wants me to train again. Their are like 20 missionaries coming out so this transfer a fourth of the mission will be trained and will be training. So I'm excited because Elder Anderson the one I trained is also training as well as the other missionary that Elder Simkins trained before he went home. So the Elder Simkins lineage is growing in the Great Ohio Columbus Mission, well as my own. Just more fun times on the mission.

Anyways I hope that you all have a great rest of your week and that you all stay safe. Always be reading your scriptures daily there is a great strength that comes from that and prayer. Love you all and I will see you all soon.

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