Monday, October 19, 2015

Bellefontaine Ohio #1

Hello Family,

Lots of cool things have happened in a relatively short period of time. So last week we had interviews with the mission President in the Mansfield building, which was nice because we did have to drive as far. We also had some great lessons and had a great Sunday, it was the Primary program so it was cute and of course a little humorous. But then everything got very crazy after church. 

So we were out walking around minding our own business when we got a call from the Mission President. It went a little like this, Elders I'm have some information for you, some missionaries are going home because of medical issues and I want you Elder Young to got to Bellefontaine and be a district leader and for Elder Larsen to go to Marion and be in a tripanionship. And we said ok President Daines. Then he said go to your apartment and pack and clean, I want you at the mission home by noon tomorrow.

So Sunday night I packed and cleaned and didn't sleep well that night got up and got a ride from a member to Powell Ohio. So my area has been temporarily closed and who knows when it will be opened again. Any way I am now in Bellefontaine Ohio with my companion who's name is Elder Knudsen (pronounced as spelled). We are getting along but we just got to our area.

So with the Package I would say send it to the mission office and just do that with all future packages just in case. This may not be my last mid cycle transfer so if you send it to the office they will make sure it gets to the right place. All I want is pumpkin cookies I love those cookies. Also could you send me the recipes for pancakes and waffles and other easy fast foods that I can make and eat in an hour. You can email the recipes.

Anyway I am on a new adventure and I am having fun. Hope you all have a great week and that you stay safe. Glad that you like my stories.

Love Elder Young

Tayler's Green Robe :)

One of the members in Tayler's ward in Mansfield made him this green robe :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mansfield OH #19

Well sounds like a great week and that you have been busy at work and stuff. Guess what me too. This week we have had some great success and met almost all our goals by Thursday so that was awesome. So in the end we have exceeded our goal for lessons this week. I am very happy.

We also found a new investigator who's name is WJ Worthim and he is awesome and we have had a great first lesson with him. We met him while looking for people that told missionaries to come back in the past. We saw him sitting on a porch and we stride talking to him. While we were talking to him a lady pulled up in a car and got out and asked is if we would say a prayer with her or for her I don't remember exactly. Anyway we stopped and said a prayer with her and she left. As we walked back to talk to WJ he asked us what make us so happy so we told him and he set up a time for us to come see him.

He told us that the reason he wanted to talk to us is that when we walked up we had smiles on our faces and he said to himself those are some young men that are happy doing something. And he wanted to know why we are so happy and willing to go out and talk to people.

So that was a really cool experience and I am happy that we were in the right place at the right time to meet this prepared son of our Heavenly Father. On a sad note Joe is having issues with the things that we are teaching now. I don't think we will be having very many more lessons with him. But he likes us and has enjoyed some of the things that we have shared with him. So I hope General Conference helps him with his jest ions and will help him to keep his heart open.

Glad to hear that you are starting to get the house the way you like it and that you have the opportunity to own a house after all these years. God is watching over y'all back home for me. Hope that you all continue to be safe and hope Emma does good in school. By the way why did Emma go to Prime Time with both Austin and Mac? 
Stay safe and know that I love you all!

Elder Young

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mansfield OH #18

What a great General Conference! I didn't think I could learn so much at one given time or that I would feel so much. What a Conference to remember also with the calling of three new Apostles. I loved Elder Renlund testimony and how we should be emotionally involved. I don't think I have a specific talk that was my favorite but I loved the theme that stuck out to me. Unfortunately Joe was not feeling good so Elder Larsen and me are going to get them to him somehow so that he can watch them.

Great to hear that Grandma and Grandpa and Judy made it up to visit and spend the week end with you. Also great to hear that dad maybe getting benefits if he takes another work day. Seems like everything is going well you all for the most part. That is always a blessing for me to know that you are all doing well.

Got a new district leader today and he is from Hillsboro and his name is Elder Jackman, who knows Ammon. It's a small world in our church and a mission makes it smaller in some ways. This is now my fourth District leader in this area so it keeps me on my toes and allows me to meet new people. Just one of those funny things that happens in your life.

Not much has happened this week that is really fun or exciting to tell other than that Elder Larsen spilled ink all over the carpet. We talked to a member about how to take it out and it worked well. WD 40 and soapy water and the carpet looks better than before but will need some more work. I did a very deep clean of the kitchen and I now feel clean. I have become a clean freak and delight in cleaning this apartment, I will be sad to leave it. I love that robe and the fabric wasn't to expensive so I'm very happy with it and it's very warm.

Well I hope everything continues to be great with you all and I hope you all try to ponderize a scripture every week. Mine is Isaiah 1:18 which is a verse that has been sticking out to me a lot lately, so I will memorize it and try to reflect on it daily. I really love yours mom and is something I am also trying to do is clean up my life in those ways. I love you all and wish you a great day and week. And if I don't see you again good afternoon, good evening, and good night. 

Love Elder Young

Mansfield OH #17

Hello Family,

Yet again I email you latter in the week because this Thursday is the wonderful transfers that just throws everyone out of whack. Anyway last week was good and we taught Joe again and invited him to come to General Conference. He is really interested and is looking for answers on whether there are is a prophet on the earth today. It's cool how all these things are lining up to help Joe and his conversion to the church.

This Sunday was a interesting one and I still don't know how to take it. There are a lot of converts in this Ward and in any Ward in Ohio, and so they are very informal in their testimonies. Which is fine except for this girl got up and started crying and apologizing to the ward for her behavior and that she was going to better and be the person that they are trying to help her be. It was rather weird but Joe liked it so that was good at least.

One fun thing that happened this week was that we helped a member take down a for his daughters reception. It was fun an I got to go on the roof and take of the tin panels because I'm one of the lighter Elders. It's nice to go do things like this to add verity to your life, and it's always fun doing service for people in anyway you can. Also a member made me a bath robe and it is very warm and soft. I will send pictures of it.

I'm happy to hear about Emma and the path that she is thinking about going on and I wish I could give her all the knowledge I have gained since I have been out. There is nothing more fun and rewarding than serving the lord and your fellow man. She should start reading Preach my Gospel and learn the material and what it teaches. The missionaries of course can help her get an idea of what it's like. Do you have sisters in the area? If so go out to lessons with them. Start exercising and learn how to fix a bike. 

Sorry to hear about mom and the tumble she just took and I hope that she starts to feel better. Falling is never fun and always leads to pain, so stop falling! Hope that everything continues to go well with dad and work. Sounds like you are also getting settled into the new home and making it the way you want it. As always I wish you the best and love you very much.

Love Elder Young