Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mansfield OH #16

Hello Family,

I get to write you way earlier than usual this week because this morning I am going to an end of summer fun day with some of the zones from the mission. It should be fun even though I won't have time to do anything after. Anyway I have mixed feelings about these events, you know how I am. This week was really good though!

So we had a good number of lessons this week but of course the lesson with Joe is the most memorable. He is such a spiritual giant and he teaches me every time we meet with him. What was funny was this lesson he told us that he learned something and that he doesn't always learn something new. That was funny and awesome to hear at the same time. We taught him the Plan of Salvation which he had some interesting views on, but we pushed forward following the spirit and he loved it. He said that it was new and something he had never heard before but it went along with what he felt was right.

It cool how the spirit works no how we don't teach new things we just bring to remembrance what they had already learned before this life. Nothing we teach is new to them because they have accepted it before they came here. All we can hope is that they have a open heart and open mind. Joe is on a path and is going to be baptized once we get some things in order but he will be baptized. I may not be here to see it but it will happen.

I love it here in Ohio, and I love the people and how they are so open to talk about religion. They are searching for things that will bring them happiness and a knowledge of there savior and Heavenly Father. We as members of this church have the special chance to share what we believe and to show what has brought us closer to them. How we our selves have peace and happiness because we know that we have a modern prophet and how through the Book of Mormon we are given further light. That our church is patterned after the bible with Apostles. That our families can be sealed together for all eternity in the temple by the proper priesthood authority. 

I love you all very much. I love all that you have ever given me and taught me. I am what I am today because of all your efforts and I thank you for it. I think I am one cool dude. Hope everything goes well with you this week. Remember you can email me through the week and I can read them. Love ya'll so very much.

Love Elder Young

Ps. Thank you for the video of the house!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Mansfield OH #15

Hello Family,

Glad to hear that you had a great rest of your week and that you got to go and and have some fun as a family. We are getting spread out and soon we will all be on our own. What a very odd thought that we are getting older and that we have our own lives to go and make. Sorry to hear that your sick mom and that you have not been feeling well. My heart also goes out to Grandma Kinsman as she goes through this chapter of her life. I will keep her in my prayers and I'm glad to hear that she is taking it like the champion that she is.

My week has been good and we had a great lesson with Joe. He is taking leaps and strides towards becoming a member. One of those strides is that he is going to work on some of his Word of Wisdom issues. He also is starting to admit that he has questions about doctrine that before he was not budging on. The spirit is working on him and he is starting to see more and more that the Book of Mormon is true and hopefully that Joseph Smith is a prophet.

This Monday we had fun as a district playing werewolves a different way than I have in the past and it was really fun. This version everyone had some type of character and we didn't say who we were when we died. We only knew how many werewolves were left after each cycle. It was fast and fun.

I don't know what to say other then that I love you and that I am working hard as I can. The weather is starting to think about becoming cooler but who know with Ohio weather, just what 10 minutes and it will change. Love you all very much!

Love Elder Young 

Mansfield OH #14

Hello family,

So just another one of the weird weeks on the mission where the mission president told us not to email you till this day. Today was my Pday and I got to go to the Temple and that was my whole day. We drove to the Temple and went through our session and then drove back and were able to buy a few things to make it to make it to Monday. But that was my day and because today is my Pday I can now email you.

So last week what stood out was we were given a call to come visit a member who was on his death bed. When we got there we were asked to say a prayer with them and I'm not going to lie I was scared out of my mind. But I said a prayer with them and I felt the spirit even though the reason and environment was a little strange. Then we learned that he died the next day and that they were very thankful for us being there. What was funny was they didn't even remember my name but they remembered Elder Larsen's, so the spirit works in mysterious ways. But yea that was most definitely a first for me.

So investigator update for this week and last. Joe is doing really well and says that he can't prove the Book of Mormon wrong and that he wants to be baptized once he quits smoking. Which is a big step for him,next will be the Plan of Salvations. I met a former investigator with his uncle who is a less active member and that was awesome and weird at the same time. So Danny Rhea who is less active gave his testimony which was so powerful and I have no clue why he is less active at all. In fact that whole lesson was lead by him and I was just kind of there but to be honest I don't think I was meant to say anything. 

Also I had an really big testimony building experience this week. So we were biking along and a guy flags us down and then proceeded to bible thump us. In the end we stood there for three hours while this man told us that our church was false and why the trinity was really. He had a terrible argument bases and Elder Larsen did a good job at pointing out the holes in his argument. Any way it was a great faith builder because now I know even more that what we believe is true because in went and found those answers in the scripture and I prayed. Also before this happened I had prayed to gain a stronger faith in the things we teach and long behold we get bible thumped the next day. So a rude awakening answer to a prayer that helped a lot so I'm very happy right now. 

So that was what stood out in my week and I am sorry it took so long to respond. Sorry to hear that mom is getting sick and that Emma has that infection. Also happy very late Birthday Mom! I am a terrible son. I however love you all and wish you a great week and that you achieve your goals what ever they may be. Love you so very much and think about you oft.

Love Elder Young

Ohio Temple

Elder Larsen and Elder Young

Ohio Columbus Mission: Elder Young and his District

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mansfield OH #13

Well I am glad to hear that you all have moved in to the new house and that everything is done with moving for a long time hopefully. Sorry to hear that Emma is sick and not feeling good, and that mom got all bruised from the move. I hope everything gets all figured out and you get everything were you want it.

This week was really good but the heat decided to come back for a little while and it's starting to get dark earlier. Elder Larsen and I are getting along great and are working really hard here and are trying to meet all the Less active families and all the accumulated potential investigators. Also we have been finding out that a lot of our investigators just need some time so we will see them a little latter down the road maybe. We are just out trying to build our teaching pool again and to hopefully meet someone who will progress.

So we are meeting the majority of our goals and we re getting a lot more lessons in a week then before. Our investigators are doing good an we are trying to help them feel the spirit and to convert them selves. Joe is doing good and we have been meeting with him more and he is very happy with what he sees in our church. We have also lately been meeting some really cool people that are really interested. So we will try to continue to meet with them and teach them.

This week has been really good and I have higher spirits now that I am not with someone who is dragging me down. I think this area is going to see some great changes as we work hard and follow the spirit. I hope everything is going well with you and that you get the rest that you need from this move. You should send me a video of the new house! I hope that you all are doing well and continue to be awesome.

P.s So the time has come that my eyes need glasses to read. I have noticed that when I read the paper Book of Mormon the words are harder to read then they use to be.

Double Rainbow!

Showing off his wrist watch tan

Tayler's District

The people in Mansfield keep losing their bullets 

Tayler's companion Elder Larsen

At the penitentiary 

This almost looks like it could be an album cover for some Rock Missionary band haha