Monday, May 30, 2016

Marble Cliff 2 #2

Hello Family,

Life has been good over here and it has also been boiling hot with the humidity in this nasty state. Other than that I have had a great time working hard and trying to meet all the people that live in this area. I am glad to hear that you have had nice weather and that you are all doing good. 

Elder Cox said that his parents names are Wayne and Linda and his grandparents are Merril and Dorris. Elder Welker says that he works by first name so he doesn't know if he knows them, but if they went to Shelly High school he probably did. My companions are awesome and I like the change in location and feel since this is a city. Yesterday we tried our hands at street contacting in the city but there weren't that many people out walking. There is also a a lot of crime and I thing something really serious like a murder happened because there was five police cars and a taped of section. We cover a lot of really low income areas(Ghetto). Its all good.

Oh I forgot to tell you that the church building that my ward meets in is next to the temple. We also got one of our investigators, Art, to have a church tour. We hope that we can get him to church sometime. Oh and this Sunday I gave a talk on the subject honor thy father and thy mother. They asked me to give a talk on Thursday night and I didn't get to write it until Saturday, but it came out ok for only having about two hours to write it. We are also are getting more meals and our shy members are starting to talk to us more. This is the weirdest ward I have served in yet, because they don't talk.

I am also glad to hear about the changes that are happening with you and I hope you have fun playing Kickball with the ward. There are some fun benefits to getting to know the members were you live. Met the coolest member here yesterday and his name is Brother Yearsly. He has an awesome gun collection that made my jaw drop and I saw a gun that someday I may get. Anyway I wish you the best in your new goal dad and i know there will only be benefits. Now as for the Astro I cant wait to see what you do to it because I just think that is the funniest, cool idea I have heard in a while.

I hope that you all have a great week and that you have a good time again at the ward activity. Love you all a lot.

Elder Young

 Elder Young and his long hair :)
 Elder Young and a giant root beer float at the Yearslys
Half the mission that was trained by Elder Zaballos :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016


 Elder Young and the Suber Family in Washington Court house.
 Elder Cox from Manti Utah and Elder Welker from Shelly Idaho. In new area Marble Cliff 2
 Elder Welker
Elder Daines in  a funny meme some Elder made :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Marble Cliff 2 #1

Hello Family,

So this week as you can probably imagine was a very crazy week for me on the mission with Elder Porter going home. So on Monday we got the news that Elder Porter would be going home the next day in the morning and that I would be leaving to a new area that night. So I to pack very quickly and get ready to drive us to the mission home, so I managed to pack my stuff in 30 minutes which a new record for me. I left some stuff I'm realizing as the week has gone on but I packed in 30 minutes so Im still impressed. 

Anyway we got to the mission home at 9 Monday night and weighed Elder Porters bags and I waited for my new companions to show up. I am in a trio again with an Elder Cox from Manti Utah, and a Elder Welker from Shelly Idaho. I like them a lot and we are working hard. I was told Monday by President that he was sending me on another mission and that was to keep an eye on my companions and the district as a whole. So I have become the fix it missionary now, Ya. I lucked out though because they are already obedient so no real work to be done.

So this week we have just been walking around our area trying to talk to people and to get in contact with our investigators. Oh by the way my area is Called Marble Cliff 2 which is in Columbus on the north end. We cover down town Columbus which has a lot of cool little stores. Its weird to be back in the big city after being in the small town communities, but it is all coming back to me. I am really excited to just be out working again and to not be sitting in the apartment doing nothing.

Now as for traditions in the mission we just burn stuff at the 6, 12, 18, and 24 month marks of our mission. The mission President is trying to stop it though. I have only burned a tie though and I found it in the Reynoldsburg apartment so it wasn't even my tie. Also my stuff is doing really well my buttons on my shirts are getting weak but I haven't had to sew one on. My shoes are doing really great the only thing that is bad about them is the are not as waterproof anymore. I try to take very good care of my stuff so that I don't have to do a lot of maintenance.

One thing that I forgot to tell you about this week was we had Elder Zeballos of the seventy come and train us which was really cool. He talked about the importance of the Holly Ghost in missionary work and how we as missionaries can only bring the spirit unto the hearts of those we teach. That they have to bring the spirit into there hearts, and that we help the recognize the spirit so that they can let it in. Also we met a crazy lady while out knocking on doors and the conversation went like this:
Lady: Are you Jehovah Witnesses? 
Elder Cox: Uh no were LDS
Lady: Thats good, Hail satan.
Elder Cox: Uh, We go around talking to people about Jesus...
Lady: No thanks we worship the dark lord, Satan, in this house.
It was really weird and really funny at the same time, at least she was nice about not being interested though.

All is good here though and I am working hard in the new area with my new companions who are really good Elders. I hope that you all have a good week and that you continue strong and I will see you in 6 months. Oh could you send me some bee pollen for my allergies.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Washington Court House #7

Hello Family,

It sounds like you had a very interesting week full of ups and downs like life always is in our lives. I hope that things continue to go up and get better as you work hard and turn your lives to Christ for all things. Wish the Canales family my best as they go through this difficult time in there life with the passing of Brother Canales. I also hope that the weather stays nice for you and the dad doesn't have to work to hard.

This week was very interesting and full of ups and downs for me as well. Tuesday morning we went to the Greenfield area for the day with the other Elders so that we could get out of the apartment. It was a good day and I had a lot of fun doing missionary work again. The next morning Elder Porter went with President Borsini and got a MRI on his Ankle in Chillicothe. It turns out that he has contusions to the bones in his ankle as well as a slight tare in on of his ligaments. Today we should know what they plan to do with him.

We then on Thursday went to Huber Heights Ohio for a zone conference and got trained by President Daines and I had a lot of fun. We learned about the importance of always personalizing everything we do with our investigators to them so that we can help them progress. We also worked on how to work with members when we take them to lessons and other things of that nature. It was of course all review but that is always important because repetition is how we learn and grow.

That was my week and though we spent sometime in the apartment we had enough events out of it that I'm happy. Hope that you continue to have a great week and that you stay safe. Love Ya'll     
Elder Young

Not my first time eating sushi on the mission. Elder Porter and President Borsini kept bugging me to try it so I ruined the good taste in my mouth to humor them. Borsini was happy that I did it dispite my reaction.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Washington Court House #6

Hello Family,

Sounds like a great Mother's Day and like a great little family reunion. I don't know what else to tell you other than that I love you and that I do read your emails. You will probably never know who much you emails mean to me. Elder Porter is only seeing the chiropractor, but our mission doctor says that he should be able to walk on it and be fine. Last time he walked on it though he was in a great deal more of pain. So yep lots of weirdness. Anyway love you a lot!

Elder Young

Washington Court House #5

Hello family,

This going to be a short and sweet letter this week. Not much was able to happen this week because my companion sprained his ankle when we were at the mission home. Since then the swelling has gone down but the pain has been getting worse everyday. All is well though and we tried to keep our selves busy in what ever way possible. 

So this week we tried to set up lesson over the phone and to go and see them if it was a solid appointment. Not many of those happened so we just sat in the apartment looking at the four walls. Jk. I read a lot and also re watched several of the conference talks. It was a good study week for me and Elder Porter.

This Sunday was good because it was our stake conference and the talks were really good and helped our member that we teach. They talked a lot on the importance of the Temple and the many blessings that are there for all that are worthy. There was also a talk given on habits and how it takes 10 weeks to form a true good habit. I got a lot out of church this Sunday and was really happy to be out of the apartment.

I love you all very much and can't wait to see you this Sunday, we have dinner at a members house at 4 my time which would mean I would be calling around 2 there when dinner is over. Does that work with you church schedule? I can call later if you have church then. Just let me know. Love you all tons!

Elder Young

Washington Court House #4

Hello family from Powell Ohio,

I am emailing you this morning from the mission home in Powell because we spent the night. This week has been fun and adventurous in my travels. This week I have made several trips to Columbus for various things as well as had some great lessons with investigators. Sounds like we all had good weeks this week.

So this week was fun as we taught Robert and several others and as we worked to continue to grow good relations with the members in the area. We taught several friends of members and gave them blessings. Sadly none of them were able to make it to church this week but we continue to pray for them and hope that they will make it soon. Robert has some anxiety towards coming to church and almost made it before his nerves set in but he almost made it. The changes that these people make are amazing and I have great respect for them as they strive to come closer Jesus Christ.

Now onto the crazy things that happened this week! So we went to the Hilliard which is a small town of Columbus and we did service as a mission. My companion and I painted a chain link fence while others did various maintenance jobs around a park. It was a lot of fun and some of us got interviewed, luckily I was not interviewed nor was my companion. Anyway it was a lot of fun and I to see a lot of my old companions and friends I have made.

Now onto why I am here at the mission home! Last night we got interviews by the mission President and they took a long time. It was a good experience and I feel great after talking to him and confiding in him. I love the Daines and all that they do for this mission to help others as well as me. Anyway we stayed the night because we wouldn't have got home till midnight. This morning they gave me full reign of the kitchen and I made pancakes for my companion and district leader, it was so much fun and hard because I had to find everything.

Love you all so much hope you have a great week!