Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Still in Reynoldsburg!

Wow that's amazing to hear all that. Tell all those who got mission calls congrats for me. I love it here in Ohio. Its a little weird at times and the people here even admit that its a dull place to live. But the people are really nice and very willing to talk about religion when its warmer. People tell me all the time to come back when it is warmer. It's kind of funny how many people in one day will tell me that its cold outside when the answer there doors. I know its cold I'm outside in it :)

Anyway Ken's baptism went great. I was the one who baptized him. I had to do it 7 times because his knees kept coming up. The font was not very full. It would have worked if I was baptizing an eight year old. After the 7 dunks though he was really happy and gave a powerful testimony. On Sunday he was confirmed and given the Holy Ghost. It was funny and sad though. Ken told me that he thought he was baptized on Thursday and that he lost a day, Saturday. His mind is slipping him. I know that he was prepared and that he was ready for the covenants he received. He has been accepted into the ward so that has been really helpful.

Jacob didn't come to church this week. It made me a little sad. We had a great lesson with him on Thursday. He believes already that they BOM is true and believes that the first vision could have happened so its been really easy teaching him thus far. He is a great guy and I hope that we can meet with him again this Tuesday or Thursday. Better yet both days.

That's been my life this week so far the rest was just the usual stuff. I'm glade to hear about Hope maybe selling her house and that Emma's ready for life. I hope you all are doing well. Happy to hear that mom is still likes cleaning houses. I don't think that I could let others clean my house and see how much of a mess it is. I love you all.

Thanks for the package, I did get it this week. I have loved the cookies though they really got banged up this time. Still really good though;) I love the music and listen to it every night now before I go to bed. The star gate music made me laugh. Thanks for the Oils as well. Though I have to admit I don't know what to do with all but two of them. I loved the whole Star Wars beginning title thing. I have it pinned on the wall next to my desk. You guys are the best. I laughed a lot when saw and read it. It lifted my mood for the day, I really needed that.

I hope you have all been reading your scriptures everyday. It is something that has changed my life. I just seem to help think of things in more of an eternal out look. Especially in the 8 and 9 chapter of Mormon. Its a mini Revelations. I have almost read through the Book of Mormon again. This will be my third time through ever. I have been also reading in the Bible in the old testaments. I have hit a real dry patch while God tells Moses what the people should and shouldn't do and how to make sacrifices. UHHHHHH. The scriptures are a great think and in these times they can keep you strong. I encourage you to all set a goal to read through the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and focus on a either commandments or the doctrine of Christ. You will get so much from it. I have as I have looked for the doctrine of Christ.

Anywho I love you all and pray for you always. You are the best family ever and I wish I could be there to help you though Hopes move. But I guess Heavenly Father has other plans. Better plans than what I could ever think of. Love you all and keep it real.

Elder Young

P.s Next package (meaning whenever..... Emma)  could you send me an mp3 player full of music that you think is mission approved, Please. Again no rush. I feel bad asking for things. Oh and yes this is mission approved as long as the mp3 doesn't have ability to do apps. Oh and more Pictures please.     

Monday, March 23, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Wow Sounds like a lot happening back home right now. I'm excited for Chance and Saisha. Also for Julie. Lot of things moving forward and I am slowly losing touch with things that are happening in the world. Kind of weird how fast that happens when you don't watch news or listen to popular radio stations. Not that I was really aware of that much when I was home. I actually feel kind of like a old man that is watched the world go from horse and buggy to automobile. Not as extreme but somethings that people talk about sometimes really trip me up. Our world is changing fast.
  The temple was amazing. The temple here in Ohio is tiny, but it was really fun and really relaxing. I have been looking forward to a temple trip for a really long time. The temple is a really special place and I love the feeling I get when I am there helping others that have already passed on. I can't wait for Hope to go through the temple. I wish I could be there to witness it. Am excited to here that Sean received his endowment. Where is he going again on his mission? Anyway the temple is a great place. Tell Hope to not let anyone scare her about the endowment.
   I'm really not sure what the whole what is my quest thing that your talking about. I would have to say my quest right now is to get to know people and there different situations and help them through sharing with them the restored gospel of Christ. I am happiest when I am obedient to the commandments and to the promptings of the spirit. I also enjoy my scripture study in the morning. I still don't have any scriptures memorized or anything like that, but I know that It my day is better when I read them every morning.
    So Ken is getting baptized on Saturday. I really excited for him. He is really happy and can not wait to be washed of his sins and to enter into a covenant with our Heavenly Father. Something fun happened this Sunday. A man by the name of Jacob called the church and wanted a ride to the church. It turns out he say a history channel show on the Mormons and decided that he wanted to become one and be baptized. So we are going to be meeting with him and teaching him the lessons and we will see what happens. Who know I may be having another baptism in 3 weeks or so depending on how things go.
   So this week has been a little slow towards middle because I really hurt my tail bone. We were on our way back to our apartment and I shifted my bike but it didn't shift immediately so it was a really rough when it did. I was standing on the peddles and my feet slipped and I came down on my seat and I hurt my tail bone. So we have been walking a lot the past few days and sitting has been a blast and a half but its better now. Just thought I would tell you this because I found it kind of humorous and Elder Bradley who was behind me and saw the whole thing almost died from laughter. Anyway those are the big events of this past week.
   I love you all and I hope everything goes well with Hope and Emma at school. As well as with Hope selling her car. I hope everyone is healthy and happy and if your not. Work on it and become happy and healthy. Love you all. Thanks for keeping me in the loop of whats happening with the family.


Elder Young

Monday, March 16, 2015


Wow you have been keeping busy this week. I hope everything goes as planned with Hope selling her house and with dad and his work offer. Let me know how everything works out, just keep me in the loop with what is going on back there. I hope you are all still doing well though despite all this crazy stuff that is happening.

I'm back at Reynoldsburg now. I also got a new, New companion. His name is Elder Bradley, and he is from California. Elder Loftus ended up going home on Tuesday. I think it was for the best he has been going through some stuff, he said that he had plans to come back in 6 months though, and I pray that he does. Anyway I have Elder Bradley now and it turns out we have a lot of the same likes and dislikes. So far we are getting a long great and I don't see any contention arising in the future. 

This week has been really good. We have had really good weather and we have been able to get around the area safely and quickly on our bikes. We have been finding a lot of good potential investigators, so this week we could get a lot of lessons in so I can't wait to see the out come. Lately I have just been trying to get into the swing of things again and to get Elder Bradley use to the area.

Thank you for putting our names in at the temple. That means a lot to me. This week on Wednesday I will get to go to the Temple for the first time on my mission. I'm really excited it's been a while since I was able to go to a temple. Thank you  also for sending me a package. I don't know when I will get it if you sent it to the mission home, but I will get it eventually. I am doing good with everything else. Sad to say though the crystal deodorant has stopped being effective so I had to switch back. I was not smelling good for a while before I was able to go get some deodorant.

I love you all. Keep sending me up dates on what is happening. Like when does Chance getting married and everyone else you said was getting married. I need to know! Where is Hope moving to in Utah. Is she going to school or getting a job? What is your quest? What is your favorite Color? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Sparrow? Again I love you all hope everything goes well with finals this week. 

Love Elder Young    

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mission Home

Wow that is a lot of new information. A lot is happening over there in little old Oregon. It's ok mom allergies can stop even the strongest of us in our tracks. I know. Wow so Julie is finally getting married, thats great. Tell them Congrats for me. I'm sorry to hear about the Stoddards. I hope everyone is doing ok now. If you could send some Digestzen that would be much loved and appreciated, and some more music like disney music or something. If you could please.

Well this week has been very hectic. So I did get a new companion. His name is Elder Loftus and he is from south Jordan Utah. He is really cool and has a strong testimony and understanding of the Bible and Book of Mormon. Makes me just a little jealous. Anyway the first day in the field we got in a car accident. It was really scary, Elder Loftus was the driver. We are both fine and walked away from the accident unscathed. We were hit in the front on the drivers side by a car as we were turning left into traffic. The other person who hit us was fine  as well. Our airbags deployed and hers didn't it was weird. 

Anyway we have been between our apartment and the mission home. Elder Loftus has been going through some tough times right now, and needs help and guidance that I have no idea on how to give. He has been meeting with the Mission President and other people who are trying to help him through what he is struggling through. So we have not been able to do much in our area. I thought he was good one day and we went out and it did not go well. I feel really bad about that. I have no clue whats going on right now. I am actually on OSU campus right now. Have not been in Reynoldsburg all day so far. Spent the night at the mission home with the mission president assistances.

Anyway this week has been really hard and a little depressing but I'm on the up swing now. My main goal right now is to help Elder Loftus however I can. Keep him in your prayers. I love you guys and hope you continue to have good weather and are staying safe.  

Love Elder Young     

Monday, March 2, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Yep I was sick last week or so. I don't really remember when only that it happened. I do not have vitamins, I only bought Ibuprofen for my head ache so I could make it through the day. I have not bought an electric blanket because I sleep warm at night with what I brought with me. I do not have an IPad. We have not been given them yet. Our mission has been told we will be getting them soon, and that was a while ago, at least that's what other missionaries have told me. My bag would do fine with an Ipad. Transfers have not happened yet but they will this Thursday. So we will see what happens then. 

This week has been really fun Ken is a very interesting old man. He gave us his smoking pipes and his coffee maker so that he would be able to follow the word of wisdom. Then later in the week we found out that he really doesn't want to give up wine. So that I can tell is going to be a battle. Gregory has expressed some concerns with Adam and Eve not being able to have kids in the garden of Eden. So that has been hard to get him to pray about it and the Book of Mormon. Darryl the southern Baptist preacher is coming along. He has questions about the priesthood that we will be talking to him tonight about. So hopefully all goes well.

Other than that this week has been very slow with Elder Simkins and me running around trying to find new investigators. We have also been doing a lot of service with shoveling members, less actives, and investigators driveways. The snow this week has been wet heavy snow so its been a good work out. Yesterday we helped a 93 year old women who was out side snow blowing her drive. She is what you call very strong willed. So because of the weather I have had the opportunity to help a lot of people and it has been great.

I happy to hear that you guys are having fun outside in nice weather on the beach. At least someone has nice weather. I hope you are all doing well. Sorry that I can't help with Hope moving to Utah and all. I really wish I could be there to help. I love you all, and can not express enough how much I miss steak. We can switch. Recently I have been eating a lot of seafood. It was good but it does not agree with me. Anyway I love you all and pray for you all the time.

Love Elder Young

I'm going to go talk to those guys over there, really I'm just going to shoot them.
The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.
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