Monday, March 23, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Wow Sounds like a lot happening back home right now. I'm excited for Chance and Saisha. Also for Julie. Lot of things moving forward and I am slowly losing touch with things that are happening in the world. Kind of weird how fast that happens when you don't watch news or listen to popular radio stations. Not that I was really aware of that much when I was home. I actually feel kind of like a old man that is watched the world go from horse and buggy to automobile. Not as extreme but somethings that people talk about sometimes really trip me up. Our world is changing fast.
  The temple was amazing. The temple here in Ohio is tiny, but it was really fun and really relaxing. I have been looking forward to a temple trip for a really long time. The temple is a really special place and I love the feeling I get when I am there helping others that have already passed on. I can't wait for Hope to go through the temple. I wish I could be there to witness it. Am excited to here that Sean received his endowment. Where is he going again on his mission? Anyway the temple is a great place. Tell Hope to not let anyone scare her about the endowment.
   I'm really not sure what the whole what is my quest thing that your talking about. I would have to say my quest right now is to get to know people and there different situations and help them through sharing with them the restored gospel of Christ. I am happiest when I am obedient to the commandments and to the promptings of the spirit. I also enjoy my scripture study in the morning. I still don't have any scriptures memorized or anything like that, but I know that It my day is better when I read them every morning.
    So Ken is getting baptized on Saturday. I really excited for him. He is really happy and can not wait to be washed of his sins and to enter into a covenant with our Heavenly Father. Something fun happened this Sunday. A man by the name of Jacob called the church and wanted a ride to the church. It turns out he say a history channel show on the Mormons and decided that he wanted to become one and be baptized. So we are going to be meeting with him and teaching him the lessons and we will see what happens. Who know I may be having another baptism in 3 weeks or so depending on how things go.
   So this week has been a little slow towards middle because I really hurt my tail bone. We were on our way back to our apartment and I shifted my bike but it didn't shift immediately so it was a really rough when it did. I was standing on the peddles and my feet slipped and I came down on my seat and I hurt my tail bone. So we have been walking a lot the past few days and sitting has been a blast and a half but its better now. Just thought I would tell you this because I found it kind of humorous and Elder Bradley who was behind me and saw the whole thing almost died from laughter. Anyway those are the big events of this past week.
   I love you all and I hope everything goes well with Hope and Emma at school. As well as with Hope selling her car. I hope everyone is healthy and happy and if your not. Work on it and become happy and healthy. Love you all. Thanks for keeping me in the loop of whats happening with the family.


Elder Young

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