Monday, March 9, 2015

Mission Home

Wow that is a lot of new information. A lot is happening over there in little old Oregon. It's ok mom allergies can stop even the strongest of us in our tracks. I know. Wow so Julie is finally getting married, thats great. Tell them Congrats for me. I'm sorry to hear about the Stoddards. I hope everyone is doing ok now. If you could send some Digestzen that would be much loved and appreciated, and some more music like disney music or something. If you could please.

Well this week has been very hectic. So I did get a new companion. His name is Elder Loftus and he is from south Jordan Utah. He is really cool and has a strong testimony and understanding of the Bible and Book of Mormon. Makes me just a little jealous. Anyway the first day in the field we got in a car accident. It was really scary, Elder Loftus was the driver. We are both fine and walked away from the accident unscathed. We were hit in the front on the drivers side by a car as we were turning left into traffic. The other person who hit us was fine  as well. Our airbags deployed and hers didn't it was weird. 

Anyway we have been between our apartment and the mission home. Elder Loftus has been going through some tough times right now, and needs help and guidance that I have no idea on how to give. He has been meeting with the Mission President and other people who are trying to help him through what he is struggling through. So we have not been able to do much in our area. I thought he was good one day and we went out and it did not go well. I feel really bad about that. I have no clue whats going on right now. I am actually on OSU campus right now. Have not been in Reynoldsburg all day so far. Spent the night at the mission home with the mission president assistances.

Anyway this week has been really hard and a little depressing but I'm on the up swing now. My main goal right now is to help Elder Loftus however I can. Keep him in your prayers. I love you guys and hope you continue to have good weather and are staying safe.  

Love Elder Young     

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