Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Still in Reynoldsburg!

Wow that's amazing to hear all that. Tell all those who got mission calls congrats for me. I love it here in Ohio. Its a little weird at times and the people here even admit that its a dull place to live. But the people are really nice and very willing to talk about religion when its warmer. People tell me all the time to come back when it is warmer. It's kind of funny how many people in one day will tell me that its cold outside when the answer there doors. I know its cold I'm outside in it :)

Anyway Ken's baptism went great. I was the one who baptized him. I had to do it 7 times because his knees kept coming up. The font was not very full. It would have worked if I was baptizing an eight year old. After the 7 dunks though he was really happy and gave a powerful testimony. On Sunday he was confirmed and given the Holy Ghost. It was funny and sad though. Ken told me that he thought he was baptized on Thursday and that he lost a day, Saturday. His mind is slipping him. I know that he was prepared and that he was ready for the covenants he received. He has been accepted into the ward so that has been really helpful.

Jacob didn't come to church this week. It made me a little sad. We had a great lesson with him on Thursday. He believes already that they BOM is true and believes that the first vision could have happened so its been really easy teaching him thus far. He is a great guy and I hope that we can meet with him again this Tuesday or Thursday. Better yet both days.

That's been my life this week so far the rest was just the usual stuff. I'm glade to hear about Hope maybe selling her house and that Emma's ready for life. I hope you all are doing well. Happy to hear that mom is still likes cleaning houses. I don't think that I could let others clean my house and see how much of a mess it is. I love you all.

Thanks for the package, I did get it this week. I have loved the cookies though they really got banged up this time. Still really good though;) I love the music and listen to it every night now before I go to bed. The star gate music made me laugh. Thanks for the Oils as well. Though I have to admit I don't know what to do with all but two of them. I loved the whole Star Wars beginning title thing. I have it pinned on the wall next to my desk. You guys are the best. I laughed a lot when saw and read it. It lifted my mood for the day, I really needed that.

I hope you have all been reading your scriptures everyday. It is something that has changed my life. I just seem to help think of things in more of an eternal out look. Especially in the 8 and 9 chapter of Mormon. Its a mini Revelations. I have almost read through the Book of Mormon again. This will be my third time through ever. I have been also reading in the Bible in the old testaments. I have hit a real dry patch while God tells Moses what the people should and shouldn't do and how to make sacrifices. UHHHHHH. The scriptures are a great think and in these times they can keep you strong. I encourage you to all set a goal to read through the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and focus on a either commandments or the doctrine of Christ. You will get so much from it. I have as I have looked for the doctrine of Christ.

Anywho I love you all and pray for you always. You are the best family ever and I wish I could be there to help you though Hopes move. But I guess Heavenly Father has other plans. Better plans than what I could ever think of. Love you all and keep it real.

Elder Young

P.s Next package (meaning whenever..... Emma)  could you send me an mp3 player full of music that you think is mission approved, Please. Again no rush. I feel bad asking for things. Oh and yes this is mission approved as long as the mp3 doesn't have ability to do apps. Oh and more Pictures please.     

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