Monday, April 6, 2015


Hello Family!!!!!!!!! I have been having a wonderful week as it sounds like you have been as well. The weather is slowly getting warmer. It also has been getting wetter so I have been doing a lot of walking. I am sad to say that we have not been able to meet with Jacob again :( We will continue trying though. It is very scary the change that we ask people to do in a matter of weeks, but we know through the Atonement any change can happen if we have continued faith. That is something that I have been searching the scriptures on a lot lately. Faith is a marvelous thing it is also confusing. All the talks were my favorite because they all focused a lot on how to build faith and the atonement. They always do but this time it just made a big impact on me this time. 
  It's amazing how if you study the scriptures and pray daily how much more the Lord has a hand in your life. That is something that I am seeing more and more. That it is through small and simple acts that large and powerful things are given to man. That as we grow and strive to be better the Lord gives us little pushes so that you can grow even more. Its sad though that it has taken me this long in my life to learn these things, well at least I have learned them. 
  General Conference was so nice because it is a missionary holiday here in Ohio. The time difference makes its so that the whole evening is taken by General Conference and the Priesthood session on Saturday. The time for Saturday were 12 to 2 and 4 to 6 then 8 to 10. So On Saturday we didn't leave the stake center. Oh ya the Reynoldsburg has the stake center so I didn't have to go far. That was nice.
  So with the Mp3 player I would like classical music, hymns, music of any kind that you feel wont be distracting to the spirit. The handbook just says to not have music that  have romantic overtones and does not dull your sensitivity to the spirit. I will let you judge. I would like more songs with singing that isn't all hymns though. Also I have been missing the lovely song Nessun Dorma. I guess some of the songs I had on my player at home could work. 
  Thank you for the pictures I love seeing what you are all up too. I try to send pictures when ever I can. But I really don't take that many and I don't know how to put labels on the pictures nor do I have time to. Oh the life of a missionary on a strict schedule. What will I ever do ;)
  I love you all and pray for you always. Always pray and read your scriptures they are key to gaining a testimony and seeing the blessing you have in your life. Also read and ponder the words of your patriarchal blessing always. It is something that has given me strength and something I know will help you. Be strong my family hard times are coming and only our Lord and savior will get us through it. Don't mean to leave on such a sad note so I will say this Crack House.

Love Elder Young

Ain't I a stinker (Say like Bugs Bunny)

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