Monday, March 2, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Yep I was sick last week or so. I don't really remember when only that it happened. I do not have vitamins, I only bought Ibuprofen for my head ache so I could make it through the day. I have not bought an electric blanket because I sleep warm at night with what I brought with me. I do not have an IPad. We have not been given them yet. Our mission has been told we will be getting them soon, and that was a while ago, at least that's what other missionaries have told me. My bag would do fine with an Ipad. Transfers have not happened yet but they will this Thursday. So we will see what happens then. 

This week has been really fun Ken is a very interesting old man. He gave us his smoking pipes and his coffee maker so that he would be able to follow the word of wisdom. Then later in the week we found out that he really doesn't want to give up wine. So that I can tell is going to be a battle. Gregory has expressed some concerns with Adam and Eve not being able to have kids in the garden of Eden. So that has been hard to get him to pray about it and the Book of Mormon. Darryl the southern Baptist preacher is coming along. He has questions about the priesthood that we will be talking to him tonight about. So hopefully all goes well.

Other than that this week has been very slow with Elder Simkins and me running around trying to find new investigators. We have also been doing a lot of service with shoveling members, less actives, and investigators driveways. The snow this week has been wet heavy snow so its been a good work out. Yesterday we helped a 93 year old women who was out side snow blowing her drive. She is what you call very strong willed. So because of the weather I have had the opportunity to help a lot of people and it has been great.

I happy to hear that you guys are having fun outside in nice weather on the beach. At least someone has nice weather. I hope you are all doing well. Sorry that I can't help with Hope moving to Utah and all. I really wish I could be there to help. I love you all, and can not express enough how much I miss steak. We can switch. Recently I have been eating a lot of seafood. It was good but it does not agree with me. Anyway I love you all and pray for you all the time.

Love Elder Young

I'm going to go talk to those guys over there, really I'm just going to shoot them.
The chalice from the palace has the brew that is true.
I can't think of a quote but think about something funny in Wild Target 

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