Monday, May 30, 2016

Marble Cliff 2 #2

Hello Family,

Life has been good over here and it has also been boiling hot with the humidity in this nasty state. Other than that I have had a great time working hard and trying to meet all the people that live in this area. I am glad to hear that you have had nice weather and that you are all doing good. 

Elder Cox said that his parents names are Wayne and Linda and his grandparents are Merril and Dorris. Elder Welker says that he works by first name so he doesn't know if he knows them, but if they went to Shelly High school he probably did. My companions are awesome and I like the change in location and feel since this is a city. Yesterday we tried our hands at street contacting in the city but there weren't that many people out walking. There is also a a lot of crime and I thing something really serious like a murder happened because there was five police cars and a taped of section. We cover a lot of really low income areas(Ghetto). Its all good.

Oh I forgot to tell you that the church building that my ward meets in is next to the temple. We also got one of our investigators, Art, to have a church tour. We hope that we can get him to church sometime. Oh and this Sunday I gave a talk on the subject honor thy father and thy mother. They asked me to give a talk on Thursday night and I didn't get to write it until Saturday, but it came out ok for only having about two hours to write it. We are also are getting more meals and our shy members are starting to talk to us more. This is the weirdest ward I have served in yet, because they don't talk.

I am also glad to hear about the changes that are happening with you and I hope you have fun playing Kickball with the ward. There are some fun benefits to getting to know the members were you live. Met the coolest member here yesterday and his name is Brother Yearsly. He has an awesome gun collection that made my jaw drop and I saw a gun that someday I may get. Anyway I wish you the best in your new goal dad and i know there will only be benefits. Now as for the Astro I cant wait to see what you do to it because I just think that is the funniest, cool idea I have heard in a while.

I hope that you all have a great week and that you have a good time again at the ward activity. Love you all a lot.

Elder Young

 Elder Young and his long hair :)
 Elder Young and a giant root beer float at the Yearslys
Half the mission that was trained by Elder Zaballos :)

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