Monday, July 4, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #3

Hello Family,

Sounds like you have had actually a really eventful week full of ups and downs. Shocked to hear about Tyler and hope he continues to heal well after his unexpected surgery. Yard work is also very calming and I like working because it distracts you from all the things around you for a time. Sorry if I have ever felt like you lives are boring that was not my intention ever by telling you to do new things. As long as you are doing things. you enjoy thats what is the most important.

Funny though how what you enjoy or find fun changes as you get older. I love getting the chance to clean our apartment or just simply take naps. I have also enjoyed as I have been moved around to see the different designs of the homes. I have fallen in love with the old brick homes and I love the look of tin roofs. You should look into getting a metal roof, thats my opinion anyways. Suck though that the roof needs to be replaced though.

So this week we have been doing a lot of biking and trying to meet with all the people in the area that have shown interest in the church. Have meet a lot of nice people but very few have been really interested. So it has been hard but the few that have shown interest I am very excited to go and meet with again. Also had an run in with some people who believe in the Trinity and it just showed me how hard it is to talk about it with out bashing. As well as how little I have had to talk about that subject that I was at a loss for words. It went well but one guy was getting really heated and then we bore our testimonies and this lady asked if she could pray for us. It was a prayer that we would be able to find truth and find the right answers. It was funny but the gesture was very kind and I appreciate that she cared enough for us to do that even though she thought we were miss guided.

There has been a really cool push in the mission to try and find ways to get members involved in missionary work, as well as to get them out to lessons. That is like the hardest thing to do as a missionary. I have been thinking a lot on it and I hope the ideas that I have will work. Preach my Gospel is very handy and I have loved reading in chapter 9 under Working With Members. I encourage you to look at that section and see if there are somethings you would like to try. I also would like to ask that you open up the house as a place for investigators to meet and have lessons in a more controlled environment. It really does help to bring the spirit and it helps with everyones own missionary work. 

I love you all and I hope that you have a great 4th of July and that what ever you do that you are safe. I love you and hope that you continue to be you and find those things you find joy in. Continue to read the scriptures daily as that is were you will find one of your greatest joys as well as through daily prayer. Again I love you and wish you a good week. 

Elder Young

Ps. I wasn't able to get the pictures you sent of Rocky. Also that blimp was cool.

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