Monday, July 11, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This week has been a lot of fun and full of a lot of good old tracting and hoping to get some lessons in with people. We where lucky to get a few and that always lifts your spirits and makes it worth it to be here. The weather has started to cool off a little or maybe I am just getting use to it. Either way this was a good week and I had a lot of fun over here in the Hayden Run Ward.

So this week like I said we have been doing a lot of tracting and that has been fun because it always gives me the opportunity to get to know my companions better. It also gives you the chance to meet a lot of people that are around you. We were able to teach a few more people than the last few weeks I have been here. They were all on door steps but that is always the first step. I hope that we can meet with them again because they all wouldn't give times we could come back, which is hard. I'm just happy that the work is slowly speeding up.

One fun thing that happened this week was that we had interviews with the Mission President. I always enjoy my brief visits with him and the little bits of advise that he gives even though half the time we talk about my companions more than me. I prefer it that way though. One fun thing also happen at interviews, some of the sisters in my district showed up with corn rows in there hair. I had to try so hard not to laugh to there faces but it was so funny. I also felt bad for them because I just knew a grill session was going to happen with President Daines. If you just read the missionary handbook you will always do good as a missionary but if you don't you feel it.

One other funny thing happened this week as Elder Belnap and I went and did service at a Lutheran food bank type thing. What we did was we would take people around the facility and we would help them get a certain amount of food for there family. It is a lot of fun and we get to wear service cloths so its awesome. So we were helping one last person and this guy comes in and he has this twig in his mouth. It was a good size twig, it was at least a fourth of an inch in diameter just sticking straight in front of his mouth. He was just chewing on this twig like nothing was wrong and like it was perfectly normal to chew on a stick. Anyway we kept our selves under control but once we got in the car we were just dying from laughter.

It was a good week and it sounds like you also had a good week together going to the beach. I hope that you continue to be safe and that all of you stay healthy. Tell Tyler to stop getting sick like that its not good for you. I love you all and hope that you all have opportunities to share little gospel messages with those around you. 

Elder Young

This is Sherman and he is a Pitt bull, brown Lab mix and he is the best dog ever. Built like a tank! 

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