Sunday, November 13, 2016

Marion Ohio #3

Hello Family,

This week was really fun and we are slowly getting some new investigators. Marion is an interesting place and is one of the bigger drug centers of Ohio. So many of the members live in the surrounding towns where the crime is slightly lower. So the ward boundaries are very big because it has only been a ward for a year and some. Elder Perry actually served in this area and wanted to come and dedicate the forming into a ward. Well that's what I heard a while back anyways who knows what's true these days. 

Anyway the cool spiritual things that happened this week is that we got our investigator Jamie Boarders to come to church. He seemed to enjoy it and actually knows some of the members because his mom was a member of the ward. So that was good and awesome because Elder Barra has never had an investigator come to church. Good progress! Also I learned that Mike Williamson is moving forward with Baptism and is on date for the 12 to be baptized. He also wants me to baptize him so I got permission to go do that from President Daines. So that will be cool.

That's all I have for you folks other than that I'm good and happy and very tired. I think I will sleep for a week. Hope you are all well and that you have good weather for pictures and all that. Keep up the Faith and keep moving forward.

Elder Young


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