Monday, November 21, 2016

Marion Ohio #5

Hello Family,

This week has just flown and I honestly can't tell you all that happened because I can remember. I am glad that your week seems to have gone well and that you are having a good time flipping eggs. We have had a couple of things happen this week one was that we had a Zone Conference which was my last one so I gave a departing testimony which was weird. I don't know I am now having a bunch of lasts, like this is my last full week on the mission. Got to stay focused though and I am. 

Tomorrow will be fun because I have my departing interview with President Daines and then I will lead my last district meeting and I am excited for that. We have a lot of plans to do finding this week because have no investigators at the moment. So I will be out in the cold all day everyday and I expect to see some blessings. Oh and we do have some where to go for Thanksgiving. I will be at Brother Thackers and it sounds like we will be eating on or with his fine silver. Last time I ate at his house we ate with silver plated silverware and had crystal glasses, the man is single and knows what he likes. I try and take pictures of what his house looks like on the inside.

Anyway all is well over here and I am working hard but I am slowing down but not by much. Elder Barra is a good companion and he is a energizer bunny. Have a good week and I will email you on Wednesday then I will talk to you on Friday.

Elder Young

Exchanges with Elder Cooley at the Taylor's house.

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