Monday, November 14, 2016

Marion Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This has been a great week and so much cool stuff happened! We went down to Chillicothe thanks to one of the Senior couples the Severson's. The baptism went great and I only had to dunk him once. What made it even cooler was that Mikes son came to support his dad. That truly was the highlight of the week for me because Mike had changed so much since I last saw him and he gave me his email finally.

Also this week was our stake Conference and our ward was assigned to go to the Mansfield building to watch the broadcast. That was cool because I got go see some old friends that I had made way back when. So that was really fun and made me think of all that happened in Mansfield.

So this week other than those events was really slow and we didn't have a whole lot happen and that was really hard. It crazy how hard it is to focus near the end but I am giving a good battle. One thing that helped was we found some speakers next to the dumpster that were practically brand new, and I didn't feel like it was there time. So we took them in and plugged them in and long behold they work really well. They are Magnavox speakers. 

Anyways that was my week and I am looking forward to week we have before us. Stay safe and keep going on.

Elder Young

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