Monday, June 20, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #1

Well I am happy that you all had good weeks and that dad had company for Father's Day and that you had monster burgers. I miss all the family fun at reunions but hopefully I will be able to make it to the next one I have a good place of employment. I am doing good over here and am now in the Hayden Run Ward which covers part of Hilliard Ohio. So I am still in the city and I am on bikes until the end of the month. We car share with sisters, but we have the car we just don't have miles to use.

The ward here is great and is very engaged in missionary work and have been very helpful with giving us rides and coming out with us. In fact a member asked to come out with us for three hours just doing whatever needs to be done. So we tried to meet potential investigators and less actives with him. It was a great experience for all of us. Met this less active that had this chill pit bull that they rescued that at one time was a fighting dog. It was so calm and obedient and it just made me want to get one so bad. I miss dogs.  

I almost forgot to tell you my new companion is Elder Belnap and he is from Ogden Utah and I am what is called follow up training. So I will be going over the last 6 weeks of his training with him. He is really cool and so far we are getting along great but he is having a hard time with getting a new companion so early in his mission. He is warming up fast though so that is good. Also I am a district leader again and I can just feel the stress again but it should be easy because there are just sisters in my district. There is also the zone leaders but from what I understand they don't attend that often. It should be a cake walk I don't know why I am worried.

That is what is happening over here and I am doing good and I hope all goes well with you this week. love you all so much and again I hope dad had a happy Father's Day. I think about what you all the time and what you all taught me so that I could be prepared to come out here. You are the best dad and parents. Peace Out.

P.s Did you get all of my pictures?
Elder Young

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