Monday, September 12, 2016

Hilliard Ohio #11

Hello Family,

This week has been so fast I don't know what happened to all the time. This week we have been blessed by the fact that people were open to talking with us as we went about. Also we got a lot of members to lessons which was a great blessing. I also am very happy to hear from you and so happy that Emma's engagement is getting more and  more official as time goes on. I can just feel the excitement and joy all the way here in little old Hilliard Ohio.

So this week like I mentioned was very fast paced and we got a lot of lessons in and that was great. Jeffrey has been sick this week so we didn't really get to meet that often or very long to teach anything. We also got a new investigator Amanda who was referred by her boyfriend who is a less active member. The boyfriend Aaron flagged down some missionaries in a different area and told them to get missionaries in contact with him ASAP. So they called us and we had a lesson the next day with brother Weller and it went really well and they came to church. They are very awesome couple and they offered to feed us before our next lesson, we get a meal and a lesson! 

Also for lessons we had a hand off lesson with Ben Hoop which means we had a lesson with the missionaries that would be teaching him. So we met at President Smiths home with the Hilliard sisters that are in our district. It was really cool because I got to see how the sisters teach and they are very powerful and so much better than me. Anyway it went really well and they committed Ben to eat baptized on the 1st of October. The Smiths were so happy and I think that we gained a lot of trust from him and his wife which is great. 

I think the only other cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Kimball and I went to OSU for his follow up training meeting. That was really fun and is always a treat to get trained by President Daines and his wife who are just getting goofier as they go. Also one funny thing happened this week at district meeting which made me laugh and have a flash back. One of the sisters burped very loudly and I could help but think of Jackie and all the many sudden burps she did. Love ya Jackie ;) Anyway it was a good laugh. Also one of the sisters in the district is leaving at the end of this transfer so we took a death photo. 

All n all a very fun good week and a lot of good things happening and I am so happy that this area is picking up. The Lord rewards his servants for their work, so the lord is giving Elder Kimball an opportunity to actually get to teach and learn. I hope you all have a safe week. Love you all very much. 

Elder Young
Also made cookies for investigators, each one is 3.5 ounces

Sister Barton's "death" picture haha

Oh ya on Monday we had a mission Activity and this happened. Ultimate "Farmer's Tan" status.

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