Monday, September 19, 2016

Chillicothe Ohio #1

Hello Family,

Sorry to hear that your week slowed down that always is the worst thing ever. It's cool though to hear that you are all doing good. It sounds like dad is growing his collection of cast iron, by the way where are you putting all of it? Anyway I am glad all is going well back home and that you are all safe.

This week for me has been pretty fast and very crazy. So we went to the temple on Tuesday and that was great, it was also our pday. Then Wednesday morning I was called by President Daines and told to pack and to be ready to move to Chillicothe after district meeting and after they get out of the temple. So I packed held our district meeting and then met the Chillicothe Elders after there temple session. So now I am here in Chillicothe Ohio with Elder Robison who is brand new, only been out a week now. 

Then on Thursday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders so we went to that early in the morning. Spent the day there with them and that was good. Then The day after that I had to go to a district leader meeting and that practically took the whole day coupled with the travel time back to our area. So finally on Saturday and Sunday I got to have a full day with my new companion in my new area.  

I like it here in Chillicothe but it is a little run down and full of crime. Just means the people are open and ready to receive the gospel. We have already met a guy named Aaron and he seems open to meeting with us. He told us though that he has been on the internet trying find fault in our religion but hasn't found anything yet. We have a planned lesson today at 7 so I am looking forward to that. This area is wide open to us because Elder Robison and his first companion Elder Gardner were "doubled in" which means they were just dropped off and said good luck.

Love you all back there and I hope you stay safe through your many adventures. I pray for you every night. Love you again.

Elder Young

The Movable in short notice.

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