Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chillicothe Ohio #4

Hello Family,

This week has just been crazy and full of crazy things just like yours full things to always keep you busy. This week was great though but it did seem to go a little slower which always happens as we draw closer to transfers. I however am loving this area and it is very great and I am lucky I get to finish my mission here. 

So this week was really cool because we had interviews with the mission President and his wife. They did it differently then they have in the past because they came to every missionaries apartment and interviewed and inspected. Well they would have inspected our apartment if they weren't really behind schedule. It was good as usual and I learned so good insightful things about my district. Like the fact that the Jackson Elders have been living in an apartment that was flooded and it has not been fixed for little over a year now. So the floor had to be ripped up and carpet replaced and it still smells like a bad case of mildew and mold. The places people will live.

Also we went to The Ohio State campus to do new missionary follow up training and that was good. It was exactly like the last one I went to with Elder Kimball so I was really bored but Elder Robison had fun and thats what is important because it was for him and his group. That meeting took a long time plus the two hours there and back so we were dead by the time we got home.

The most exciting thing that happened this week however was that Mike accepted a day to be baptized and the day is the 29 of October. It was funny because we had a lesson planned and we were determined to have him accept a day to be baptized. However we walked into his house and had a great lesson and walked out and got in our car and slapped our heads and said how did that happen! So the next day we went by his house and he came out and we asked him to be baptized with out a moment hesitation. It worked out and he came to all 3 hours of church on Sunday and he seemed to enjoy it so that was great.

That was my week and I am so excited for Mike to get baptized at the end of this week. I hope you all have a great week and that you don't go crazy. Love you all and President Daines said to not make me trunky by giving me a count down. But if you want to send me the flight schedule you can because that should be coming soon if you don't already have it.

Love The Not So Trunky but Moveable in Short Notice
Elder Young 

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