Monday, February 2, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

I will try my best to go into detail but if I don't your just going to have to sue me. Anyway, this week has been slow because we were running out of miles toward the end of the week so we had to bike a lot. It really drains you. When we got back to our apartment at night I could barely make it up the stairs. We are back to full miles though. We actually use the car to transport us and our bikes to were we will be mainly focusing on and then we park and bike. Which is so much better than full time bikes. Its funny we actually but our bike helmets over our beanies to keep from losing our ears. It has been a little rainy and it is snowing out side right now. 

We were not able to meet with any of our investigators and none of them came to church AGAIN. We have started a scripture study class and we get more investigators to that. Well one and some less actives and one member. The investigators name is Cham Kahari. He is a nice guy but he reads anti material so when we do get to go to his house he asks weird questions randomly. He also has this weird hatred towards pictures because they try to sway your opinion or something, plus there not diverse enough. He is also black. He also really does not like the whole Santa Clause thing. He doesn't like how we lie to children about how Santa is real when of course he is not. Any way he is interesting person. From what I could tell he liked the class.

I really like it here in Ohio. My ward I'm in may be small, really really small, but they are very nice and active in missionary work. They are all willing to come out with us to lesson with our investigators. It has also not been to bad weather wise. We were suppose to get six inches of snow Sunday but it rained instead. The weather here is so weird. Its 32 and snowing, now its 46 degrees and sunny. It makes life a mystery. Love you all. Stay healthy and Safe. Thank you for the music.

Love Elder Young
Stupid is as stupid does
Your mom went to college
If you could change your fate would ya (Scottish accent)
Past the point of NOOOOO return 

Great Scott 

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