Monday, January 26, 2015

Reynoldsburg, OH

Wow your week sounds like it was really full. Sorry to hear that you got sick:( That really is not fun. Ok I really do try to tell you everything but the days all blur together. So to start of with on Sunday I went to a fireside and sang in the choir, I know weird. The really cool part was that D. Todd Christopher came and talked. It was really cool. He talked about baptism and why the holy ghost was the most important thing about being baptized. He said that if all we received when we were baptized was the Holy Ghost then we would be set.  This week was really slow leading up to Sunday tho. No one would talk to us and all our lessons fell through. I'm a little mad to say the least. Other than that some cool things have happened. On Thursday we gained another Elder Simkins, so in our zone we have two Elder Simkins and two Elder Young's. In total there are four Elder Young's and one sister Young who is married to one of the Elders, if that makes sense. Our area also became a full time car area. No more trading cars with other Elders. 

The people here are really interesting people. We did run into one person on the street when we were knockin doors. He just started throwing questions at us. He wasn't mean or anything he just had a lot of questions that he just kept coming and coming. The he said a really interesting thing ever. I would share it with you but he said the N word ( he was black). I will say this it was really funny and both of us were just so confused by him. Oh and I got to go to a store that sells nothing but Russian food. Almost everything was in Russian and the were people speaking Russian I felt like I was in Russia. The store owner was nice and we got some dried sausage sticks and some candy. The store owner asked us how old we were when we asked him if he sold chocolate. Which I thought was weird until he showed us some chocolate that contained vodka in it. He was laughing when he showed us the candy as we read vodka on the little chocolate cover. So I hope he didn't let us buy anything with vodka or any sort of alcohol in it. That crazy Romanian.  

Well I am running out of time. I love you all. Stay safe and healthy. I love you all. Tell Dad to take it easy and to take it easy on the pie. 

Love Elder Young 

I was trained to defuse a bomb with my eyes blind folded using nothing but a stick of gum. I think I can get you into a bikini with out looking.


I may throw up on you

All we know is his name is Jack Reacher, no one knows where he is, he is a ghost.
  Sorry to interrupt but there is a Jack Reacher here to see you. 

Higher up the berry tree the sweeter grows the berries.

S stands for Sitter I was going to go with a Big BS, but you know what people would have thought.

P.s you stole my NO CAPES

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