Monday, January 19, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH and PICTURES!!

Wow it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this Christmas. Was it because I wasn't there waking you up at 6 in the morning? Emma got a smart phone!!! That's cool for her i guess. I only got packages from you guys. Yes I did get the tubes and the new tires. I was getting tubes from Kmart and Walmart. I blew tires because of all the pot holes, glass, and what ever garbage is on the street. 

We have met with TJ an Aarika but have yet to have another lesson with them all. We were able to do some service for them, we raked leafs it was fun. I went on exchanges for the first time that was cool. I got to drive a car because the elder I was with didn't have a licence. That was intense. We have the car until Wednesday. Then we switch to bikes again, AND THAT'S WHEN THE BAD WEATHER IS SUPPOSE TO START. Its suppose to start snowing like crazy. It kind of snowed today. Which surprised me because its 17 degrees with a crazy low wind chill.

Other than that the mission is going great we just had a big flow of new investigators, 7 to be exact. Plus the members are starting to go with us to more lessons so that ever cooler. I'm praying like crazy for guidance and help in general. We have been extending a soft version of the Baptismal invite every first lesson and have had great success in that area. So I'm very excited to see what happens this week with all of our new and old investigators.

I finally remembered to bring my camera with me so i just sent some pictures to you. I didn't write anything with them so your just going to have to give people names that are in the picture until I figure out how to use dropbox. Just pick through the pictures I sent you them all so enjoy.

Love Elder Young

P.S I got to eat a delicious Gyro today for lunch. 

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