Monday, January 19, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Good to hear from y'all. Emma you are just a special person and should change just a little but not much, because you might just drive mom and dad mad with all your sarcasm (did I mention that I love you). Of course I'm more fun I have been telling you this my whole life. I'm glad you all are doing good, but I am saddened to hear that mother has not been well. I'm doing better now that the weather has been really warm for this time of the year. Zach the one with the crazy eyes is doing very well. He has been reading the bom like crazy, in a week he has read 15 chapters of Nephi. Last time we met with him we talked about Lehi's dream and invited him to be baptized on 21 of January. We will see how he feels when that time comes but I think it could happen. Oh ya transfers are this Thursday I'm not sure really how it works, but I will most likely will not be transferred because I'm still being trained. Now back to investigators Darryl the baptist preacher has hit a road block on the darkening of the Lamanites skin( Darryl is black), but we think we can explain it to him now. This week we got 3 investigators to church. TJ, Chris, and Jesse. That was so great and I know for sure that TJ liked church and he said that he learned a lot and felt welcome. Chris stayed for sacrament then left. He is a talker and is hard to teach because of that fact. Now Jesse we have not meet with out side of church once but he has come to church three times in a row with out us asking. So I don't know but there may be something there. We also have a investigator named Queta. We have been meeting with her once a week and I think we finally got her to start reading the BOM. What has been helping is the testimonies of the members we have been taking out on lessons. Members are a key to conversion. That is something that I'm really learning. If you get the chance to go out with the missionaries to teach lessons you should do it.

I love you all very much and I hope you know that I love you. I am learning a lot about the gospel of Christ and My testimony is always growing. I hope you have been feeding the missionaries. The food is nice but what I think is the nicest part is being in a family home when you are away from your own. It's really nice to feel the support of the members through visits to there home. Again I love you all.

Elder Young

What what? 
yoohoo Big summer blow out
Green blooded hobgoblin
I shall name him squishy and he shall mine. 
I am a Klingon!
Shall We Dance 1 2 3

Higher up the berry tree the sweeter grows the berry

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