Monday, January 19, 2015


Howdy Family,

Thanksgiving here in the MTC was amazing. We had a great breakfast and lunch that included turkey, mashed potato's and gravy, and stuffing. We then listened to a great talk given by Bednar. We then had a thanksgiving devotional that was full of laughs and great music. We then did a service project for 2 hours. We made meal packets for kids in Utah that don't have enough food. It was a great time and I loved every second of it. This week has just been a blast the day before thanksgiving we had a talk given by Oaks. I feel asleep but from what I was told it was very good, and just last night we listened to Vocal Point sing.

The MTC is a great place and I am having a blast teaching lessons to my teachers that pretend to be an investigator, but the real fun will be tonight when we teacher a real investigator that is of the Muslim faith. I am working hard to understand everything that they are throwing at us, and feel that I have learned a good portion of what we have been taught.

My district is great and I have a great time spending time with them all day, everyday. They have such strong testimonies and such strong desires to do what is right and I'm very thankful to just be around them. Our favorite pass time as a district is to play four square during our gym time. I suck but that's fine by me. 

I have seen Elder Matiaco around the cafeteria, but I have only said hello once. I have also ran into a missionary that did FRC, I was just a little let down that he didn't do FTC, but such is life.

I love it here and can't wait for this week to be over so that I can ship out with two of my fellow district members to the great state of Ohio. I love you all. Tell Emma she will do fine if she just studies and remains calm. I'm so happy to hear that dad's work is doing good. Keep me in the loop

Yours Truly,

Elder Young  

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