Monday, January 19, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Hello Family in Oregon,
Its been wet and its been extremely cold but I'm still alive. For the most part we have been walking everywhere and that is hard work. I have been staying very warm in the -5 degree weather, But mobility goes out the widow when I wear my full thermal set. The boots are very nice and keep my toes toasty warm. I get comments on them all the time. I let another Elder use them when I went on exchanges in another area (we had a car where I went). He made fun of them and laughed at them, but he thanked me repeatedly when I got back because his feet were never cold when he had them on. Yes when we have the car I have the duty of backing up the car. We don't have and calls or anything, I just walk behind the car and yell and wave my arms around if he is going to hit something. Other than that I tell him if cars are coming or not. It a rule that every mission has if they have cars.
Our investigators are going great some of the original 7 have dropped us but we still have a lot of investigators. They are all fun to talk with and to teach. One of our investigators is a Baptist preacher, and a lot of our investigators are black. We get asked a lot if our church is diverse and it is so funny when they do. We had two investigators on date for baptism but they are now of date because they have not attended church uhhhhhhh. Oh and when we take members out on lessons with us they take over the lesson and take it all over the place. So if you go out with the missionaries to teach an investigator stay on topic and don't speak unless spoken too. Sorry that was my little rant for the day. 
I Love it here and it is so cool to see the interest people have in our church and in what we teach. We as missionaries become an unspoken magnet to people confessing every sin they have committed in there life, and we get to see how the atonement can help them. The thing is getting them to church, to read the Book of Mormon, and to pray. Those things seem to be impossible to get investigators to do, well most anyway.
Now to the pictures. All that roman you saw, it answered the age old question if roman can go bad. It was given to us by a member and it was all bad. I opened one of them and I kid you not there where spider webs in the packet. We threw it all away. We did in fact kill a mouse and I think there are still more. We do not have Clorox wipes but we did try to disinfect the area. I will send you some more pictures next week maybe. I have not been taking to many pictures because our apartment as you can guess is a mess and out side is to cold. I forgot to say but it did snow we got 5 inches on Tuesday. We shoveled drive ways all day. Well we tried anyway. There are a lot of people who wont take service or don't know what it is. I kid you not someone was confused on the subject of service.

Fun experience this week would be that we got a new investigator who was very interested in the restoration lesson and has read four chapters of the Book of Mormon. We bumped into him when we were knockin doors and he told us to come back so we did and he let us right in. The hole lesson he was staring us down. I think he blinked 4 times total the whole time we were there. We also got a new investigator last night when we visited a less active member that moved here that Elder Simkins bumped into when he was knockin doors before I got here. His wife is not a member and so we taught the first lesson. So we got a new investigator and a member to reactivate. I'm excited to see what happens.

Other fun stories..... Elder Simkins and me have the same coat the same sweaters and the same beanie hat and the same shoes and the same CTR shirts. We are twins and we get made fun of by members and by the sister's in our area all the time. We made the mistake of both wearing sweaters. That was a really bad burn secession by the members that were feeding us that night. Not only are we police but we are twins. CTR clothing is a blessing and a curse right now. Oh and I was not kidding about the thermals and mobility. I feel like Frankenstein. But I got so warm that when I took my gloves off one night steam was coming out of my sleeves. Don't get them wet either I learned that the hard way. But despite all this I am doing awesome. I love and miss you all. I can't believe a month and a half has gone by already I will be home before to long. Keep up your reading of the Book of Mormon.

Love Elder Young 
May the Force be with you!
Why's it dreen?
To infinite and beyond!

P.S sorry for complaining

(we started putting movie quotes at the end out our letters to Elder Young and so that's why there are movie quotes at the bottom of his) 

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