Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello Family,

I am loving the MTC. The Spirit here is so strong that people say you can cut it with a knife and I have to agree. My lessons are going well and I'm learning so much. The second day they had us teaching lessons to our teachers who role play as investigators. Its a little weird but the love and spirit that I feel when my companion and I teach him is indescribable. Which reminds me my companions name is Elder Bohne, and he is from California. He is a year younger than me and yet he manages to be several inches taller than me. He is a great person and I find myself learning from him all the time, which is great. The food is is ok. I really don't have enough time to enjoy it because we are always on the go. I have been assigned to the funnest, most loving district in the world. There are 8 of us and six of us share one room (the other two love the space that they have). Its working out ok though it is a little cramped. Yesterday we did a temple walk. That was great what little time we have to ourselves that is not in a classroom is extremely cherished. I have one story before I send off this email is this. Last night we were going in a circle and saying what we liked about the one person who was next in the circle. When it came time for everyone to talk about me I was surprised to hear how my testimony had affected them and how my easy going nature was loved and need. I had no idea that I had that effect. For that reason I can honestly say that I love my district. We have also had two blessing that I have had the opportunity to stand in on. That was amazing. Please continue to write me I loved the letters that I have received so far. 


Elder Young    

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