Monday, January 19, 2015

Last MTC Emails

I'm so happy to hear from you guys, keep them coming. I did get your package last week I'm so sorry that I didn't thank you. I loved the cookies, the card, and the tide pods. I leave the MTC Wednesday at 3:30 in the morning. My flight will leave at 7:30 and I will then land in Atlanta Georgia at 12:42ish. I will then leave for Ohio 2 hours later. I'm so sad to leave the MTC and my new friends but I know that I'm needed in Ohio. I will miss it here because when I was here I got to hear from from two of the general authorities, and to passed talks given by them. I have loved my classes and the things that I have learned. Jeffrey R. Holland said that this is the chosen generation and that if we are obedient we can not fail in building the kingdom of God on the earth. Bednar said that If we do the simple things in life we will never fall away from the church. I know these things are true. I can not wait to go and serve. Keep sending me emails I love hearing about what is happening there. Always remember that I love you.

Love Elder Young 

Hey I'm back I was thinking about calling you guys when I'm in Georgia at 10:00 am your time. Oh ya send me some pics of the family because I don't have any and I feel left out because everyone here does. I love you guys.

Favorite thing I've learned her so far:
Pray and read your Book of Mormon everyday and your knowledge and testimony will grow. I bear testimony that this is true, I have seen it in my short time here that as I read my B.O.M I get everything that I've learned that day supported through the B.O.M.

Love Elder Young

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