Monday, January 19, 2015

Reynoldsburg Ohio

Howdy family,

I love it here in Ohio. Its a little windy and a little cold but so far its not bad. My new comp Elder Simkins said a couple weeks ago they were having -40 wind chill factor. This week we are on bikes and I have already blown out a tire. But we got a new tube and I will find the hole on the old one sometime. The streets here do not have bike lanes so it's a little scary. First day here we almost got hit by a truck, that was fun. I also didn't have my gloves yet so my hands almost fell off, but some nice lady offered me her gloves when we were stopped at a stop light.

I have meet some of the members. They are all very nice and feed us great food. I don't have a favorite family but one family really knows how to feed you. They are from Asia somewhere and they gave us this bean sprout chicken soup that was really good. My ward here just had there Christmas party where they had invited a magician to come. That was fun and I left there very full. 

Sunday was good. The ward is very very small. There were a lot of less actives there and two investigators. It was great. I was called up to give my testimony and It was really short but that's o.k. 

I feel like a chicken with out a head running around trying to remember names and places. My companion is really nice and he is trying to help me in good encouraging ways. When I meet the potential trainers I new Elder Simkins was going to be my new comp.

We are trying to find investigator's but for the most part we have been trying to meet the less active members and help them through what ever. One of the less actives we are trying to help stop smoking and It is really hard.

I miss you guys and look forward to my Skype home. I get to Skype you Christmas eve at 6:00 pm my time. I will be at a members house that was kind enough to let us use there computers and internet. I got your package and I can't wait to open it.

Till we e-mail again know that I love you. I'm warm. I'm fed well. I'm going to get the car on Wednesday. I'm working hard.

Love Elder Young,

P.S. Share this with Grandma and Grandpa, Please :)

P.S.S. Oh ya I ran into an Elder Young that is related to Alva Alan Young. I his dad is one of dad's cousins because he calls grandpa uncle Sid. I wrote down his dad's name but I lost it but I think his name starts with a B. Weird that I have a second cousin in the same mission as me.

P.S.S.S. Oh that coat we got is really nice.

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