Monday, June 8, 2015

Mansfield OH

 Well this week started off on the wrong foot. On Monday the assistants to the President called and said that our car would be taken and we would become a full time bike area. So Tuesday morning two of the senior missionaries came and picked up the car and left us to fend for our selves. Then later that day Elder Jones broke one of the valve stems on one of his tires while filling it with air. So now he is using one of the other missionaries bikes.

The week got better though on Wednesday when we got our iPad Minis that have been sense promised. They have been interesting to use and I still don't fully know how I will use it in the work yet. We are suppose to do this training thing for the iPad and complete it before Friday which is hard because we have to bike to a place that has free internet.

One fun thing about the iPad is that I have been given permission to look at my emails anytime I want, as long as it is not a distraction. I just can't respond until Monday. So I am currently writing this email on Thursday after lunch, and will update it through the week.

So we just got in from a long day of biking. One great lesson and one I'm not so sure about. The good one was with this lady name Angie. It went well and she asked a lot of good questions, and opened up to us a little to much. But that only gave us another reason to point her to Christ who can help her with her struggles. The other lesson was iffy because we don't even know his name. He however took a Book of Mormon and promised that he would read it before our next visit.

Now I have been very bad at writing lately because well I didn't have enough time. What happened cliff note style is this. We have been biking around our area like crazy Mormon missionaries on the rolling hills of Mansfield Ohio. We had a funny experience were we went to the wrong members house for a dinner appointment because we wrote down the wrong address on accident. Well Elder Jones did I just follow him like a lost puppy because I don't know where I am going. Any way we went three some odd miles in the wrong direction. Then we passed the street by a mile and some on our way back. In the end they came and got us in there truck.

Several cool things have happened this week. We found two very cool people both ironically with the same first name Joe. One is a great uncle to one of our less actives who has not come to church sense she was baptized. We also teach her mom and son. Anyway her great uncle is just staying for a week or two but he has been prepared to hear our message. The other Joe we met at a convenience store when Elder Jones was getting a drink. He stopped us out side and said that he had seen us around town and wondered what we believed. He said what really caught his attention was when he saw a group of missionaries pray over there food at a restaurant. So got his phone number and gave him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet. I can't wait to set up an appointment with him.

That has been my week, oh yah I almost forgot. I popped yet another bike tube! So I will have to get that fixed this Monday, so this week I have been riding one of the other Elders bikes. There are three missionaries assigned to this ward. Two Sets of Elders and one set of Sisters. It's new and kind of cool at the same time to have so many missionaries in one ward.

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