Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Transfer!! Mansfield OH

Well I got transferred as was to be expected after being in one area for like 6 months. I was transferred to Mansfield which is the northern most area if I am not mistaken. My new companion is Elder Jones, and he is from Alpine Utah. He is my second companion from Utah. So the transfer meeting was really fun and full of energy because 75% of the mission was there. It was really weird at the end when the last trainee was called he started doing this weird yell as his trainer hugged him. I felt so bad for Elder Hill, training that kid his last two transfers. Anyway I'm sure that he is a good guy he was just very excited. 

So Chance is married huh. That's so weird to thing about. I am of course extremely happy for him, its just that I can't see my self married right now and we are the same age. That's so cool to hear about Julie and Halley. So when is Jackie's next baby coming? JUST KIDDING ;) That's so cool to hear all the fun things happening back home. 

Well I like this new area and it is a lot bigger and got a lot my people. So we have a full time car and I was made the designated driver. So now I am getting that driving experience that you wanted me to get. We also bike a lot here from what I have been told by my companion. So I will have thunder thighs when I leave this area because there are hills everywhere and they are steep. I also have been given the opportunity to weigh myself and I am almost 160 now so that means I have gained close to 17 pounds on my mission! I am not the twig of this companionship I am the shortest still though.

Well anyway I am having a good time in my new area and I am having fun with my new companion in Mansfield Ohio. I love the work that the lord has called me to do here in the Ohio. I can say that the lord has called my to "The Ohio", as it is called in doctrine and covenants, and to spread his word and to be a representative of our Lord and Savior. Keep it real family and always look for those opportunities to share the gospel with others. Try using the churches new electronic pamphlets, to download them look in the app store for LDS pamphlets. I think that's what they are called. I hope you are all doing good and have a blessed Day.

P.s I got the new towels and they are so much nicer.  

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