Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last email from Reynoldsburg.....Possibly

Sounds like you had a busy week this week. Not only that but a fun crafty one with visitors to boot. Sounds like I missed some fun stuff. What is it a month or two Dallin turns one years old? How crazy! We are old. Its funny that all the members that are in their 30's think that I am so young and little. Funny how someone is always older than you and has a little more experience than you. Last week was really slow. Elder Bradley has been under the weather a lot, so we have been spending a lot of time at the apartment so that he can get some rest. So I have not seen very many of our investigators especially with Memorial Day coming up. People don't want to talk to you when they are on holiday.

Anyway so this week I will most likely be transferred to a new area on Thursday. I will know tomorrow when they make the calls to tell people that they are leaving. Elder Bradley got a call and he will be training a new missionary for the next couple of transfers so about 3 and a half months. On the 3 of June we will get Ipads. We learned last week that we will become one of the new testing missions. Sounds to me like they got a lot of it figured out, but there are always bugs in things.

It was cool to learn that they are trying to make technology make things easier on the missionary. They have plans to make it so that the instant you get your call letter you are being trained and prepared to enter the MTC and the mission field. The Apostles are making a big focus right now on how to train members on how to use technology in a way to stay safe from the harmful things on the internet, and to be missionaries. It was cool to learn that they know that some will have trouble with this new tool, but that they said that they benefits out way the risk. That we need to become our own filters and make up our minds and know what we will do when we face had things online.

That was the highlight for me to have that training and to have that discussion that we need to focus more on our purpose as missionaries. To not be distracted by what my President called a shiny new toy. I hope that you all continue to be safe and have fun. That you also stay focused on what is important and that you know what you want in your life. I know that this mission is doing just that for me. I love you all and pray about you all the time.  

Love Elder Young

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