Monday, May 18, 2015

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Wait mom is wearing my reading glasses? Or did she get her on pair? You all are going blind. Soon Jackie and hope will need glasses as well. We are no longer the "Young" family. We are now the old "Young" family. Tell mom she needs to go see an optometrist so her eyes don't get worse by looking through the wrong prescription. 

Sounds like you are all busy as usual but no real change to the days events. You really need to change, whats up with that. You guys are getting boring, JK ;) there will be no food.

Ya there is a member here who's name is John Perfect. He is a less active member that I have been slowly trying to reactivate. He is also the one who made the walking stick for me. I just asked him in a joking way that he needed to make me a walking stick, because he had just made one and he was telling me about it. So he said ok, and with in a week I had a new walking stick free of charge.

It was fun making the food at his house. It all turned out really good, really, really good. The ribs were made the way they were suppose to be, fall of the bone tender. It was spiced just the right way and were so full of flavor. The mushrooms were also really good even though there was a lot of crab meat in it. It was because of all the butter and crackers.

This week was really slow. Not very many people met with us and we were walking so we were not able to get around very fast. We however were able to get two of our investigators to church. Ones name is Kaik-Pai (he is from Lybia), he really enjoyed himself and I think he will come again. He has been taking lessons on and off sense 2007. The other that came to church name is Randy. We have actually yet to teach him a lesson. He just wanted to come. I also think it has to do with the fact that we gave him a white shirt and a tie after he told us that he felt uncomfortable coming to church with them. He also had a good time and said that he wanted to come to church again. So I am really excited to teach him and get to know him a little better. 

We also met with a girl name Haley, she to has been taking lessons for a little while. Her parents are members weirdly enough. I think that we can also have good luck teaching her.

That's all I can think of that is new in my life other than the fact that I will be transferred on the 28 of this month. I hope you all continue to be safe and healthy, not more sickness! Love you all.

Love Elder Young

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