Monday, May 11, 2015

Reynoldsburg--Tornado! Almost.

Ya I don't know what else to say then to tell you about my day today. We were at a Brother Perfect's house all day to day cooking food for Elder Bradley's Birthday celebration. We had a great BBQ lunch with his wife and grandson who is a recent convert. Also with the Elders from Pickerington, and the zone leaders from Gahana. We share the car with the Pickerington Elders, and one of the zone leaders (I don't know how to spell his name) served in Reynoldsburg.

So it was a big fun event. One funny thing while Elder Bradley and I were cooking Brother Perfect was playing video games. I got some pictures I will send. The food was all great we had Ribs that had been cooked in Beer, then drained and cooked in Moonshine BBQ sauce. It was amazing. We also had stuffed mushrooms, which had crab and ritz crackers, and lots and lots of butter. They to were very good. Then we also had potato salad and corn. It was a large meal.

Then right as we finished and cleaned up a tornado warning was given and all the sirens were going off. That's an ominous sound. Then we had really crazy wind and tons of rain. The streets were flooded and we could hardly see as we drove home. Oh and there was tons of lightning. When it all died down and we were leaving to come email we noticed that one of the trees was slightly chard and was tipped over either from lightning or the wind because I also say tree roots. So I will tell you more next time if I remember.

That's what happened and is new in my life. I almost experienced my first tornado. So close but not that close. Anyway I love you and loved talking to you yesterday. Love the pictures. Tell dad to not hurt himself. You to mom don't hurt yourself with all this new work. Love you all and I will email you all next Monday. Keep it real!

Love Elder Young   

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