Monday, May 4, 2015

Reynoldsburg OHHHHHH

Well Emma it sounds like everyone had fun but you :) Well that the life of a girl going to college, with parents that have a grandson. If it makes you feel any better I got to walk out side all day this week in 62 degree weather that felt like 80 with humidity. On top of that we didn't meet with anyone that was interested till Sunday. 

This week we really just was just very long. Wednesday I had zone conference were they told me that we will finally be getting Ipad mini's. So we will have to figure out how they want us to pay for it so I will get back to you on that one when I know whats happening. That was really the highlight of this week. Mostly we have been seeing Brother Durham everyday because he stopped smoking again so we have been going by to give support and be a distraction. Walking sucks because you get places so slow.

We have also been inside a lot because Elder Bradley's diabetes has been just draining him. He has been having really low numbers as well as crazy high numbers. Like he was four hundred one morning (that's crazy high). So ya we have been taking sick days or hours for him to gain strength. He also has insomnia so he doesn't sleep that much so he just was not feeling good. I have been learning a lot about diabetes these past transfers.

I did get your package. Thank you so much for that I have been enjoying the music you sent me every night before I fall asleep. Also the candy and the beef jerky that is made in Forest Grove OR has been great.

Oh I almost forgot. We had a big service project working on a hiking trail down in hawking Ohio. At least that's were I think it was. It was so beautiful down there. All the trees had their leafs and the hill were just breath taking in comparison to Reynoldsburg. We then also got to see a little bit of a hiking trail called Old Man's Cave. You should look it up its awesome. That was another big highlight of this week. Going and working in nature were Ohio is actually attractive and a place where I would love to live.

Oh which reminds me my allergies are now in effect. There not really bad right now but they will get there. Apparently Columbus Ohio is a place were people with allergies come to die. It is this weird place were the pollen collects and is in abundance because of he heat and humidity. So this summer is going to be fun in many ways ;)

I just did something really fun today before I got here to email. I helped make BBQ sauce that has moonshine in it. That's right you sent me to Ohio on a mission so I could learn to cook with alcohol from members. We burned out the alcohol and then started adding ingredients to it. It smelt good and I can't wait to try it. We did this because Elder Bradley's birthday is coming up sometime here in May. So this up coming Monday we are having a feast of BBQ at a members home.

Well that has been my week. It was full of its ups and downs but such is life. I am doing well and I can't wait to see how this up coming week goes. We have a Zone training tomorrow almost all day. So the mission president will be there teaching us some stuff. Should be fun. Well I love you all hope you stay safe. Thank you again for the package I loved it all. You guys rule!!!!!

Love Elder Young

P.s How's the picture with all the days of my mission going? Are there and missing spots?

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