Monday, May 4, 2015

Reynoldsburg OH

Sounds like a very full week. How did you crash into a tree? Is dad ok? Well I guess he is, because you didn't say much about it. Anyway glad to hear from you this fine wonderful Monday. I like and agree with your rant Emma. Sorry this is a rocky start to an email but Oh well.

This week for me was also very fun and eventful. This week we got on to car rotations with the Elders from Pickerington. So we have been driving around in a Subaru Legacy. It has accelerated the work here. This week we found 3 new investigators. One of them we had a short lesson with on the side of a road. She had seen as and stopped her car and talked to us, it is so nice when people stop us and want to talk instead of us trying to get people to talk to us. One of the people we found name is Richard Lee West but goes by Bobby. When he opened the door his first words were "Speak to me", He then let us in and we talked for an hour and half. It was a great lesson, I love the black people here they are so open to talk about anything. We also meet with a man who introduced him self as Brother Jerald. He was a little unsure about to expect from us and didn't want us to pray at the end of the lesson because he was unsure what spirits we would invite into his home. But through more lessons and exposure I think he will pray with us and be less uncomfortable. We also met with a man named Anthony. We met with him 3 hours and he fed us lunch. He was really cool and had a great grasp of the falling a way of Christ church. He also thought that the idea of the trinity was really stupid and has no support in the Bible. So that was great, but he like all other people here who are black realized that there are not that many black people or any other color of people in the Restoration pamphlet. It wasn't a big concern but still it is something that makes the work hard here. People think our church is racist. Bugs the heck out of me.

This Sunday there was a missionary fireside were we try to get investigators to come and get the feel of our church and what we believe. Its a great thing that gets people over the fear of coming into our church building in a less threatening way, because its not a church service. So I went and sang in the choir. I went to the practice on Saturday and I had a blast singing church songs. I don't know really at all how to sing parts but I listen to who is singing next to me and I follow there lead. I think I will go and sing at the next one.

Also this week was interviews. That means that I got to meet with the Mission President. Talk about weird encounters with your mission President. I love President Daines, but he is a very smart and very intimidating man. He also doesn't know me very well, which is fine and very understandable as I have only talked to him very briefly. 

That's my week this far, I really had a good productive week and I will miss the car when we give it back this Wednesday. Other than that this coming week should go really well. I love you all and wish you the best. Be safe and know that I pray for you all the time.

Love Elder Young 

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