Friday, August 7, 2015

Mansfield OH #10

Well sounds like a normal week from you guys yet again. You need to change up your lives a little and go on a hike or something fun like that. Even I have brakes from the norm and do something different. Granted I'm shopping for food and emailing and doing laundry but it's different from the rest of the week. Anyway so you have also begun the down sizing of all the accumulated things of our family. Don't get rid of any of my stuff pleasešŸ˜­ that wouldn't be cool.

Glad to hear that Emma is getting ready for school and is hopefully getting over that sickness. Being sick is no fun and I'm glad I have only been sick once on my mission. It also must be nice only having to work 20 hours this week. Hope you all are doing well with your work and stuff. You all are crazy worker bees.

So when is the big move date then if Sandy Jo is already getting the house ready to be sold? Also will all of our shed stuff fit in the new house? I'm sure you have a game plan and know what your doing I'm just inquisitive.

So all the people we meet with are doing well, we just have been having trouble meeting with them. We did meet with Joe and had a question about why the Book of Mormon was not on the earth for a long time if it was good. We however were able to answer his concern and then gave him an interesting reding assignment. We both felt prompted to read Jacob chapter 5. Which normally you don't do and just wait for them to find it them selves, but so far he says he has gotten a lot from it and likes it.

Goals we have set for our selves are to always invite others to be baptized. Thing is most of our investigators are hesitant to set dates right now. So that he made baptismal goals hard to set for this area but we have some we feel will soon. So hopefully we will see more results from that area. 

Thank you so much for the birthday gifts I did get them. I forgot to tell you though my apartment number is 301 so next time the mail people won't have to work as hard. I love the puzzle but I solved it really fast. I'm just to good. But some of the other Elders have found it hard. Loved it all though and I liked the card. So with the pictures for my frame it works by SD cards, and I am no longer allowed to use computers now that I have the iPad. So it may be easier if you send me and SD card with pictures on it. IDk but know you know a bit of the predicament we have here.

Also I got the Ipad case, isn't it great it's my birthday gift to me, I'm so happy. Anyway this week has been good and I am thankful for all you do for me. I think about you all the time pray for your safety and welfare all the time. Be careful with this move and don't hurt yourselves. Y'all best be in the same condition that I left you in. Love you so very much.

Love Elder Young

P.s. Looking for this, (cough), Is that my voice.

Green blooded hobgoblin

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane

Ok let's go through this again, I put on my hat then my glasses my glasses.
  Wait who are you? What you do with uncle slim?
It's still me you idiots!

Leave Mickie out of this!

I'm getting the pig!

P.s.s settle a debate for me does Hami the squirrel get pepper sprayed? 

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