Monday, August 24, 2015

Mansfield OH #12

Hello Family,

Sorry for the long wait of my lovely emails I grace you with. I got a lovely comment from Judy about my writing skills so that means Emma or mom are doing a good job of fixing my grammar before they post them. So thank you. I had a great birthday full of service and hard work, and I had a blast. I also got a great tan, and my neck got fried. Over all a great great day. Oh and I got to spread concrete as it came out of the cement truck. I had a blast but my pants and one of my shirts are now covered in paint I washed the cement out when it was fresh.

Anyway in this apartment it is just Elder Jones and me. This apartment does not have have a washer and dryer in it, but it is down the hall. It coasts $1.50 for each machine, so three dollars total when you are done with one color or load. It kind of sucks but it's what we have to work with.

So what was cool this week was that Elder Cook came to town and we as a mission got to be taught by him. There was also Elder Hallstrom and Elder Titera of the Seventy and they also taught us. It was very fun and I learned a lot about how to work with the ward and to work in unison. The spirt was very strong when he bore his apostolic witness and gave us a blessing. It was a great experience and I was lucky to be there.

Also something that was really cool this week so far was that we went and saw a potential that we met last month. He was kind of shocked that we remembered him and that he said to come back in a month. I felt very strongly that we needed to see him and I'm glad that I did because he he is awesome. He was very open to talking with us and asked tons of questions. One funny thing about him is he is a big fan of American Pickers and is picker himself. So he had some of those little kids cars that you peddle. He calls them his rusty treasures. I can't wait to meet with him again and hopefully he read the Book of Mormon.

I'm sorry to here that Emma is having trouble at work with some of her co-workers and that people are that way sometimes. But it sounds like you figured it out and everything is cooling down a little. Happy to hear that you will be finally moving into a house that will be yours. No more rentals! That's exciting!

Sorry again that this is happening latter in the week than usual. This week is transfers and so they have started having us email on Wednesday instead of Monday. Yep today is my prep day instead of Monday so my whole schedule has been changed. Anyway I love you and wish you a great rest of the week.

Love Elder Young

I almost forgot. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 
I hope I am remembering this correctly.

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