Monday, July 27, 2015

Mansfield OH #9

Well sounds like you all are a bunch of worker bees. All work and no fun. I even have a day of rest which is on Monday instead of Sunday. Anyway this week was really good and we have been having some good success. We also had the assistance to the president come on splits with us, which was different and weird but good. We got more done in that one day than through the whole week. Having four missionaries tag team an are is very effective. We also got three new investigators and some solid appointments set up for the next week. So I am very excited for this next week, because things are just picking up.

The members here are very nice. In fact I am at a members house right now using there wifi because they are closer than the church and the library which we are no longer allowed to go to anyway. These iPads rule our lives and we need wifi and there is no free wifi close by. We get feed every so often. It's hard because there are three sets of missionaries to feed in this Ward and only a few people really sign up to feed us. Also we don't have a car and some people live far away. But I don't complain because they come out on lessons and are very helpful, not like Reynoldsburg were they take over and do a terrible job.

I like Mansfield I really love the people and have gotten to know some really nice people. Plus the people just seem more down to earth than in my last area. Also less crazy. That has been a real perk to this area. Weather is getting hotter so we take breaks at gas stations and get fountain drinks to cool off. It works for a short period of time. I love this area though.

I'm not going to lie I have know clue what I want. Just send me what you think I will like and enjoy. Also send some more black socks, so I don't have to make as many laundry stops. Other than that I say just surprise me😁 I really am at a loss( Elder Jones says to ask for candy but I get enough sugar so don't do that) *elder jones whispers do it!!!* but ya I have gotten boring on my mission oh send some puzzles. I am just writing this as things come to mind. But ya stuff.

Anyway love you all and wish you the best in all you do.

Love Elder Young

P.s Emma you are really funny. I hear that ant man was a good movie, did you see it, and what is it about. I have reached the point were I don't know what is happening in the world anymore😭

Also could you tell dad to send the 3d printed cars pics again I didn't get them. And guess what I went to catholic mass on Saturday with a less active member. It was so cool. I wasn't able to get pictures but look up St. Peter's in Mansfield Ohio and I'm sure you will find pictures.

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