Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mansfield OH #7

Hello family,
So your lives don't stop because I haven't written you, now I do feel bad thanks a lot :( Just kidding. Sorry to hear about the weather you had during the reunion, I guess you all just had to bond instead, gross. Also sorry to hear about Dad working in the heat all day. I hope the heat wave goes away and you can get so rest and find a house. I love the houses here in Mansfield. It's a really old city so they have these big Victorian style homes, what is sad is this city has lost all the money so they are falling apart. But many of the style of homes here are growing on me.

So this week was really good. We walked all week because I forgot to get tubes and we were not able to go during the week. But we were able to have some very good lessons. In fact we got some members out with us and those lessons were powerful. I love most member lessons because they have such strong testimonies and people just relate better to them. So that has been awesome. We also have found some really nice people that want us to come back, so come back we shall.

Also we got 4 new investigators this week which is really cool because we have not been getting very many. Terry is a member referral that we just started teaching and he is so cool and very interested. Matthew, Hayden, and a 15 year old girl, forgot her name. Anyway they are Amber's kids, and she is a less active we have been teaching. They are all so very cool and have good religious backgrounds. Very excited about teaching them.

Something sad happened though last week. Joe who is Amber's great uncle has some big concerns and we don't really know how to answer them. We are going to really turn to God for help and answers, maybe a member or two. But it has been hard to see him struggle with this and I pray we can help him. This week has been an emotional roller coaster.

Sorry about ranting to you last week. That's not what I am supposed to do in these emails to you all. It's been hard but really not that hard at all in the large picture. Elder Jones and I get a long for most of the time but others we have stupid spats. I hope I have not given you the wrong image of him as he is a great missionary. 

So I looked at the prices of iPad cases that fit my standards for weather proof and things but it was like 60 bucks at Walmart. So I don't know if there are cheaper ones online I don't know. But if you could look for me or if you are ok with me spending that much I don't know. The case I have is a good one but not water proof and that is my main concern. Also I have not received cookies in a long time. Also I bought a little one of those electric picture frames at a garage sale for really cheap and it works really well. So if you could send me a lot of pictures and I will but them on an SD card and have tons of pictures of you all. 

Love you all. I am doing good sorry if I gave the impression that I am not. I think of you all the time especially now that I know you are moving. Keep it real and don't brake both of your ankles or anything for that matter. How exactly did he do that? Anyway love you.

Love Elder Young

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