Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mansfield #6

Sorry for the long wait family, I know that your lives cannot continue with out me emailing you. So when you get this email you can go back to your lives. Teehee, anyway wow so much is happening in there. What with Emma getting a job, a family reunion, and house hunting. That sucks so much that you have to move yet again. I'm bummed for you😭 

I have been praying that you get a loan and get a house of your own. No more of this house hopping nonsense. We're humans not rabbits for goodness sake. Ahh I won't be coming home to the same house. Wo is me. Also sorry to hear about the weather, so far all this summer has been is wet. No I have not been able to get a coat yet because p-day's have been crazy and have had no time to shop. Last time we major ran out of time, good thing I had no money to buy food with anyway. I have been bad with my money lately, it's kind of bugging me. I think it's because I have had to buy Elder jones food a couple of times.

This week has been really lazy so far. We have been entering in teaching records into the iPad for two days straight. We were given a deadline to be done entering them in and we got way be hind because well our area book was huge. But what has been awesome is that we have been able to get members to our lessons. That has been making a difference in how they go and the spirit is so much stronger. What is also cool is this less active family moved into a new house and they have next to nothing. So the members have been making this large list of things they want to give and it is impressive. I love this Ward for there generosity and kindness. 

One thing though that has me worried but not to much is our investigator Joe who lives with the less active lady I mentioned above, he is her great uncle. Anyway he had a concern about last church meeting which was very pro America. Anyway he didn't agree with that he believes that there should be a separation of state and religion. But he is willing to meet with us because he respects us and because this is the only big thing that has come up. Everything else he feels good about. I also think it was the Gospel Principles class which was on the word of wisdom. Which we had not gone over with them yet, and the teacher was like a nazi school teacher up there. But anyway I'm positive that we can answer his questions with the help of the spirit, more like we will just be there and the spirit will teach us all.

Well this transfer has been good but I have been noticing some hard feeling between me and Elder Jones. But I am working on it because I want the spirit with us everywhere we go. But it's hard because he has a short attention span and is very goofy at bad times. Needless to say I feel like I have a 5 year old son who is bouncing of the walls. But it has been getting better.

I wish something happened on the 4th but everyone in Mansfield decided to go on vacation out of town. And it was a slow day and on top of it all we didn't see that many fireworks. All we saw were women laying on there boats sunbathing in there swimming suits if that's what you want to call a bikini. Anyway that was my 4th of July. Holidays are supposed to be active days according to the white hand book, but it's all lies no one wants to talk to us because they want there time with there family not two men off the street. But I'm happy because I have some solid investigators and we tackled the area book, and because of that I have a big list of people I want to go meet. So maybe more people to teach long term.

Sorry if this email was not very exciting but this is the mission right now. I however am very happy and doing well. I have been learning a lot and have been doing a lot of soul searching. My testimony has never been stronger and I love my calling. I have been called to Ohio D&C 39:13-15. I love it here and I love the people and there beliefs in God and his son Christ. People here are just so open to religion, and a lot are not so open. But I run into more people who respect and appreciate what we missionaries do and that gives me strength. I love you all and wish you the best in your house hunting and just busy lives. All ways remember Christ through your week because he will lead and guide you in all things that you do.

P.s sorry about my emails they really don't flow but that is how my crazy brain works.

Love Elder Young

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