Monday, July 20, 2015

Mansfield OH #8

Well it sounds like you all had a great time this week and had some not so good times. Wow Emma those were some harsh words. Sorry to hear that the weather has been getting really warm and that you all have all been out in it. I hope everything goes well with finding a house and everything, be done with all this moving stuff. Elder Jones likes to make the comment that he has lived in the same house his whole life. Doesn't know just how lucky he is.

This week has been really good but we are finally having summer here in Ohio. It got into the 90 with at least 90 percent humidity. It was glorious and I sweat like a Hebrew slave, that's a joke I learned from one of our investigators. We had some good lessons though. Joe is answering his own questions very well. There is no point in us even being there, well there are some things that he has a different view on but time will fix that. He is so cool, that whole family is cool. Mansfield is a great place other than the fact that I keep going through tire tubes. Also the fact that our apartment is at the southern corner of our area. It gives me time to work on my tan.

We also had interviews with the mission president and I got grilled for not having a study journal. But it was good and it was one of my better one because he actually talked to me longer than he usually does. I really liked it and felt like I had a real conversation with him. I have had worse corrections of attitude. I built some tough skin. 

Anyway this week has been good. It has been raining less and just really hot and sticky. You walk out side and it hits you like a wall and you instantly start feeling like your covered in sweat. It's glorious as I stated earlier. I will survive!! Maybe! I can't wait till winter!!!! 

Keep me in the loop of things that are happening, thinks are just flying by. School start next month which is so weird not going to school and just being old. What has happened to me? Life is to fast and short. That's why it's important to live life the way your supposed to so that you don't have any regrets and no wasted time. We however can all feel the atonement in our lives and have our sins removed and forgotten. All we have to do is push forward and endure to the end.

I love you all and I want you know that I appreciate all you have done for me. I wouldn't be here today with out you nor would I be who I am, and I think I'm pretty cool. I pray for you all the time and want you to have the best blessing. Remember who you are and you will always have the strength to do anything.

Love Elder Young

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