Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bellefontaine #4

Hello Family,
It has been a long week and I am still getting use to Bellefontaine because we cover a large area around it as well. We have been trying to help the people we are helping toward baptism to understand the things that they committing to and the covenants and there significance in our lives. Judy who is working toward the 28 is doing great and is moving forward with great faith and has made a date to quite smoking on the 13 of this month. We are very excited for her and are meeting with her as much as we can each week.

This last week has gone by very slowly but that is because I really just am still not use to the area and am always surprised by how many towns we cover. We just went to this town that is 13 miles from Bellefontaine and it took half an hour to get there. We were lucky and the Rasmussen's who are the senior couple took us down. They are awesome and are from Oregon. I continue to struggle with the area but I am slowly getting it down.

Just learned that I will be staying here in Bellefontaine with Elder Knudsen, and my other district members are staying as well which makes me happy because I was in the MTC with one of them. Actually my district might be growing and we may have a new set of missionaries in Sidney. I'm excited for that.

Happy to hear that you are all doing great back there and that Emma is staying busy with work and school. I don't know about the boy she likes though I don't like the sound of him. Mainly because I don't know his name. Anyway happy that you are having fun decorating the house with dad. Your a little be hind me though because I all ready have my lights out. Elder Knudsen is still a little mad that I put them up but he has trouble staying mad at me. 

A lot of fun things are happening back home, thank you for keeping me in the loop. Things are changing so much back there I can't keep track of it all, but that is ok. I love you all so very much and miss you.


Elder Young

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