Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bellefontaine #5

Hello Family from Orgone,
So this week for me was so slow and at the same time Sunday came really fast and I was extremely caught of guard. We were teaching Judy and she said that she would see us tomorrow and I was like why are we coming over again. Then later I had one of those light bulb moments of stupidity that shocked me that it was Saturday. Anyway it felt slow but we met some new cool people that's what is important.

So it has actually just warmed up slightly but we had some really cold windy days, we got some 50 mile an hour winds on Wednesday. So much for being at the highest point of Ohio at a whopping 1000 some odd feet. It's so flat here that it is not funny anymore especially when you are at the highest elevation you can get in Ohio. Makes good farm land though and that's what we got here. Now to answer your question I am mainly just gearing up because I have a feeling it is going to get really cold this winter, I'm just glad I'm no longer in Mansfield.

Sorry that you all felt busy and that you were rushing around doing stuff. How cold is it there if dad is wearing thermals to work? Hope that things get better this coming week and you don't feel rushed and overly busy with things. You will have to send me pictures of the Christmas stuff you are making.

So his name is Isaac is it and he sends his love does he, well tell him thanks and that it's good to know his name😄. Now tell him he can spend Sunday with his family at there house. Jk. Anyway good to hear that you are all safe at home and that you have not forgotten about me like Hope and Jackie😭. Hope you all have a great week, that includes Isaac because I'm sure he will be over soon.

Love Elder Young

 This is a bed bug that Tayler found :( Very unhappy about it and we hope they can get it taken care of!
 These are some funny signs that the Elders have been sharing.  The cornerstone one below is one that Tayler actually found :)

 They are gearing up for the winter cold that is coming.  The one above they are hiding behind a rock to get out of the wind and he just bought some more thermals so the one below is to show me how he is prepared :)

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