Monday, November 23, 2015

Bellefontaine #6

Hello Family,

Wow mom take a chill pill there bugs that spread like the plague it's no big deal here in Ohio, the third worst state for bed bug problems. We got it under control we have told the mission office and we are getting sprayed and fumigated sometime soon. We will also be getting permethrin from the mission office to spray on the beds to kill those little blood sucking bugs. Don't worry the senior couple is doing all the worrying for us. 

They say not to do your own treatments before they spray so I will a few days after just in case. I will also be buying more space bags and that's were I will but all my cloths for the next long while. I have not seen any bug bites for a while or have a seen one in a while, so this final spray should do it. Best part it won't cost the church a thing. 

Now to the questions I have to big of an area to cover on bikes so we have a full time car and Elder Knudsen drives. We have a washer and dryer in our apartment. It has frosted several mornings and it flurried a few days ago but no snow stayed. It has also gotten gusty these past few days. Winter is upon us here in Bellefontaine Ohio and it's only going to get worse we think. 

Judy is no longer on date to be baptized and we will have to move Summers back a little because we are not able to meet enough during the month to teach her everything. We also had the weirdest lesson teaching her the law of chastity because she is 9 and she doesn't know all that yet but we should some videos that went over it well enough for us. We were also able to get a new investigator named Kattie and we hope everything goes well the second time we meet with her. Other then that it was a normal cold Ohio week.

Everything is going well and I am having a great time here and can't believe it has been a year. Hope everything goes well with you all and that dad doesn't catch pneumonia in the rain. Love you all very much. Have fun in Washington with Jullie and Isaac. Tell him he doesn't have to wait to go to school. Anyways love ya.

Love Elder Young 

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