Monday, January 11, 2016

Bellefontaine #13

Hello Family,

It is now winter in Ohio! We got some snow yesterday and a lot of ice from the rain that morning. This morning was 9 degrees and kind of slick on our way to Huber Heights for our zone activity which was fun. That GPS has been very nice not having to have maps on our iPads that don't seem to be very accurate. We have been getting a round nicely and I have been learning how to drive in bad weather in our Chevy Cruze, and I only slid twice yesterday. Been a lot of fun this week end!

One day during the week we met someone famous when I was on exchanges with the zone leader here in Bellefontaine. It was Louie Vito Sr.  dad who owns the local radio station. Louie Vito Jr. Is a Olympic snowboarder and lives in Utah and was on dancing with the stars. Any way Elder Baldwin who I was on exchanges was geeking out when we were talking to him. Very nice guy and interested in the church slightly so we will see what happens.

On Sunday when it snowed we only had the first hour and then they let us go because of the weather. We got some less actives to come though because we went to their house and made them pancakes and woke up some of the kids. So she came and so did two of her daughters and they got fellowshipped very well. So that was fun that they came and she hasn't been to church in like 6 years so it was a big step for her. 

It was a great week and we have high hopes because we are finding a lot of potentials and we are really starting to focus on the members to help them with missionary work. So we have some high hopes of getting some new investigators. We are looking forward to actually teaching people and seeing them progress. This area has been stagnant for way to long and we need to turn up the heat.

Anyway I'm doing good and I have been enjoying training and getting use to being a district leader. Sorry to hear about the sickness that has been plaguing the family. Hope you all continue to feel better and regain your strength. Love you all and wish you a happy week!


Elder Young

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