Monday, January 4, 2016

Bellefontaine #12

Hello Family,

What a wonderful week gone here in the semi great state of Ohio! Elder Anderson and I have been working hard and have has some great success and so we have been blessed and seen many blessings. Sorry to here about this plague that has been ravaging the family back home and hope it goes away soon and that mom doesn't get sick. The weather here is starting to turn into winter and it is thinking about snowing today so we will see what happens. Hope that the snow doesn't keep you all cooped up to long. Happy to hear that you had. Great New Years with the family!

So this week we had the great fortune to find two people that said that we could come back and meet with them this week. Very excited about that and hope we get to teach them more than once. Elder Anderson is still adjusting to contacting on door steeps but has been steadily getting better at it. Training is very interesting and I hope I am giving him the knowledge he needs to have a great mission and doesn't have to be retrained to much after I'm done. But he is doing great so that's what is important.

Our new year was good but we did not see very many people. We however went and saw Brian and we taught him the plan of salvation while he taught us how to make a friction fire. It was fun because we widdling wood in his house and talking about the plan of salvation and it was the most engaged he ever has been in a lesson. It was cool and I almost got fire, instead I got bruised hands and a cut finger but it was worth it.

Summer did get baptized on the 2 and it went very well and she was so happy. It was fun to watch her full of energy and happy to achieve her goal of getting baptized. I hope that she continues to grow her testimony and continues to be active in the church long after I leave. She is a good girl and I for see her doing great things in her family. She was baptized and confirmed by her great Grandfather which I thing she was rare experience that few get.

All n all a great week and I have had a great time full filling my purpose as a missionary and to have these faith growing events in my life. I love you very much and miss you and pray for you everyday. Stay healthy and warm! Love ya!

Love Elder Young

P.S thanks for the pics.  

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